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“Sit Down, Karen!”

(Chuck Muth) – Did you catch the video over the weekend of the unmasked, raving lunatic who slapped, spit on and screamed at an 80-year-old man, “Put your f**king mask on!” even though he was eating (which the “science” says is OK)?

Not surprisingly, Patricia “Delta Airlines Karen” Cornwall also has, according to court documents, a “history of violent outbursts and destructive and erratic behavior.”  Go figure.

The incident reportedly began when a flight attendant trying to move the beverage cart up the aisle asked her to take a seat until the cart got by.  To which this wise-ass nutjob allegedly responded, “What am I, Rosa Parks?”

That stupid response resulted in the victim of her tirade and assault telling her she wasn’t black, that “this isn’t Alabama and this isn’t a bus.”  He then added, “Sit down, Karen!”

And that’s when the spit hit the spam.  “Karen” was hauled off the plane when it landed and arrested.  Now for the rest of the story…

She is reportedly a former Playboy model/actress who once appeared in an episode of “Baywatch,” as well as an episode of “Married with Children” (Season 10, Episode 17, “Calendar Girl”).

And there’s a Vegas connection: She’s also a former NFL cheerleader for the Raiders.

Of course, none of this “air rage” crap would be happening if the stupid Biden administration would end this stupid mandatory mask requirement on planes.

More COVIDiocy

* Ran into a less violent but still obnoxious “Mask Karen” at the snack bar at the Sam’s Town movie theater yesterday.  Told me I had to put on an “obedience mask” to ORDER a bag of popcorn, but could take it off after I PAID for it 20 feet away at the cash register.  Told him where to stick his mask – in a good Christian way of course.  No sale.  Enough of this schitt.

* Joe Biden promised to end COVID.  He didn’t.  Not even close.  Instead, he’s issued various federal vaccine mandates which have been both ignored and challenged in court.  This week he threw his hands up and declared there’s “no federal solution” to the situation.  Which is what conservatives have been saying all along.

* In New York City over the weekend, police arrested people in a Burger King who refused to present a “vaccine passport.”  This isn’t your grandfather’s USA.

* The CDC – you know, the “science” experts – have now cut in half the required quarantine period for COVID sufferers.  The “science” originally declared 10 days was required.  Now the “science” is saying the previous “science” was wrong…but we’re supposed to believe them now because…well, “science.”

* I don’t know that there’s any “science” to it, but it seems to me that if people would stop taking the COVID tests, the number of “cases” would go down and the corona-porn COVIDiots in the corporate news biz wouldn’t have anything to report on.

* Question from Nevada gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert: “If the vaccines are supposed to stop the spread of Covid, then why is Covid spreading rapidly in places with 100% vaccination rates?”  Answer: “Political science.”

* If there’s still a concern about having enough hospital beds for COVID sufferers, wouldn’t it make sense to use money from Uncle Sam to provide more hospital beds rather than paying off agreed-to student loans?

* Would somebody please point out that in April 2020, at the height of the COVID panic, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was right and CNN’s Anderson Cooper was wrong?

Muth’s Truths

* reports that “Liberal Men are Getting Vasectomies to Protest Texas Abortion Ban.”  As our friend and social media ninja Courtney Holland notes, “This is a win-win.”

RIP to a True, American Warrior & Legend

After Jimmy Carter’s failed hostage rescue mission in Iran in 1979, the Navy decided to “establish a full-time dedicated counter-terrorist team.”

Dick Marcinko – who had a bounty put on his head by the North Vietnamese because of his success in disrupting their military operations while commanding SEAL Team Two at the time – was put in charge of creating the new unit, which became known as SEAL Team Six.

The same unit that finally bagged Osama bin Laden.

Part of the legend is that when SEAL Team Six was formed, there was no SEAL Team Three, Four or Five.  Marcinko dubbed the unit “SEAL Team Six” to fool the Russians into thinking the U.S. actually had six such units instead of three.

Known at the “Rogue Warrior,” Marcinko was as a “man’s man,” a true military legend and genuine American hero.  He passed away on Christmas night at the age of 81.

RIP Commander.  And THANK YOU for your service from a grateful nation.


“Let’s go Brandon. I agree!” – President Joe Biden, 12/24/21

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