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Sisolak Trumpets His Reign of Error

(Chuck Muth) – According to an email this week from soon-to-be FORMER Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak – architect of the Sisolak Shutdown and other disasters – here’s his list of “accomplishments” during his Reign of Error…

  • “Increased access to affordable health care for Nevadans.”

Looking at the skyrocketing cost of premiums and deductibles, it’s more like UN-affordable health care.  I may have “access” to a Ferrari, but that doesn’t mean I can afford one.

  • “Increased funding for public education, so every child can succeed.”

What a (sick) joke.  Despite all the new money that’s been dumped into our public schools over the last few years, our failure factories are still among the WORST in the nation.

  • “Increased state government support for small businesses to help them through the pandemic.”

Ah, yes.  An updated version of what Ronald Reagan called the nine most terrifying words in the English language: “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

The ONLY reason small businesses needed any “help” in the first place is because Sisolak was choking the life out of them.

  • “Expanded access to reproductive freedom by eliminating barriers and investing in comprehensive family planning services.”

Why do they call it “reproductive freedom” when it’s actually “NON-reproductive freedom”?  Anyone is free to reproduce and many do.

Having unprotected sex is the choice.  The baby is the consequence. Abortion is the freedom to avoid responsibility for a bad decision after the fact.

  • “Increased voting accessibility by expanding automatic voter registration and making voting by mail or in-person easier than ever.”

“Automatic voter registration” at the DMV has resulted in THOUSANDS of Nevadans having their party registration changed without their knowledge, let alone permission.

It’s never been “hard” to vote.  Nevadans have always had the right to vote by mail.  All they had to do was request an absentee ballot.  To mail ballots to people who didn’t ask for them only makes it easier to cheat, not easier to vote.

But of course, that’s exactly what Sisolak wants.

  • “Raised Nevada’s minimum wage to lift Nevada’s hardworking families.”

Raising the minimum wage results in lots of minimum wage workers losing their jobs completely.  Those Nevadans are no longer working hard. They’re not working at all.

  • Increased pay for Nevada’s state workers

This is such a slap in the face of Nevada’s NON-government workers.

When Sisolak shut the state down – closing small businesses and sending tens of thousands of Nevadans to the unemployment line because he considered them “non-essential” – no government employees suffered the same fate.

I guess they were ALL “essential.”

So not only did they not suffer like the rest of us, they got a raise thanks to the tax dollars of all us “non-essential” workers in the private sector.

Nevadans will end this nightmare of a governorship in November.


“(Joe) Lombardo would be a significant improvement over (Steve) Sisolak, who easily has been the worst governor in the history of our state.” – Joey Gilbert

Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and blogs at  His views are his own.


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