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Sisolak Can’t Have it Both Ways: Shut It All Down or Open It All Up


(Chuck Muth) – Just another example of just how nonsensical Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak’s statewide shutdown orders are…

Remember, in justifying the #SisolakShutdown, the governor said…

“Every social contact increases your risk of exposure.”

Thus, his subsequent ban on people going golfing.  Outdoors.  In groups of four or less.  Including immediate family members living in the same household.

In trying to explain the absurdity of this, the governor said he saw photographs of people riding two-to-a-cart in violation of his social distancing directive.

OK, fine.  Whatever.  However…

He’s continued all along to allow the operation of public buses.  Totally enclosed.  No ventilation.  Strangers sitting right next to each other.  Packed with far more than ten people.  Touching poles, seats and doors.

You know, like a New York subway car.  And we all know how THAT turned out.

But get this…

According to a report in Sunday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal…

“Southern Nevada Health District spokeswoman Jennifer Sizemore said the agency is not aware of any COVID-19 cases involving people who have used public transportation.”

Something ain’t right.

If “every social contact increases your risk of exposure,” we should have multitudes of cases of bus passengers catching the Wu-Flu, right?  But the health district – you know, the “experts” – are saying that’s not the case.

So either the health district is providing inaccurate information, or the governor’s reason for shutting down golf courses – not to mention the rest of the state’s businesses – is a bunch of what Joe Biden calls “malarkey.”

There’s simply no way in Hades you can claim that riding two-to-a-cart on an outdoor golf course risks “killing your grandmother” while simultaneously saying cramming into a bus is safe.

Nor can you say keeping schools open risks spreading the virus, but it’s OK to keep child care centers open.

Nor can you say it’s too dangerous to go to a drive-in movie theater (yes, we still have one in Las Vegas!), but it’s not too dangerous to keep building the Raiders’ stadium.

Nor can you say it’s safe to shop inside a grocery store – where people are picking up a can of Bumblebee, deciding instead to go with Charlie the Tuna, and putting the can of Bumblebee back on the shelf – but you can’t go into Best Buy to shop for a new laptop.

Nor can you say it’s safe to go into a convenience store and pick up a six-pack of PBRs but you can’t go into Lee’s Liquor to do the exact same thing.

NONE of this makes sense.

Either the Wu-Flu is as dangerous of a threat as the governor claims it is…and EVERY social contact risks spreading it…or it’s not.

If it is, then park the buses and force everyone to pick up their groceries curbside or have them delivered, just like restaurants and marijuana dispensaries.

If it is, then shut down everything except TRULY essential services: fire, police, hospitals.

And yes, that includes shutting down and laying off any and all non-essential government workers.  In order to “save lives” and protect grandma they need to suffer the same consequences as the rest of us.


Enough is enough of this contradictory, discriminatory, nonsensical nonsense.

Reopen Nevada.

Let our people go.

Mr. Sisolak, tear down this wall!


“In the rare moments when we do get to randomly test a population, we sometimes find hundreds of nonsymptomatic people without so much as a sniffle. Why stop public gatherings and shut down the economy over something that’s less inconvenient than airborne pollen? … Perhaps COVID-19 isn’t quite as dangerous as some people claim it is, but it’s clearly dangerous enough to be concerned about.” – David Colborne

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