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Sisolak Ban on Hydroxychloroquine Challenged…by Doctors!

From Bill Dentzer of the Las Vegas Review-Journal…

“Nevada’s osteopaths want Gov. Steve Sisolak to reverse his emergency regulation limiting the routine prescribing of two existing anti-malarial drugs to treat COVID-19, saying it interferes with their rights as doctors. …

“The governor’s regulation prohibits prescribing the drugs for a COVID-19 diagnosis outside of a hospital setting. Doctors may continue to prescribe them to hospitalized COVID-19 patients at their discretion.

“(I)n a March 28 letter to members of the Nevada Osteopathic Medical Association, President Bruce Fong said that the potential benefits outweigh the risks and that the governor’s regulation ‘clearly interferes with a physician’s decision on how to treat their patients.’ …

“The osteopath group has hired Reno attorney Joey Gilbert, who wrote to the governor and Board of Pharmacy on Thursday asking that the regulation be amended ‘so that anyone suffering from this disease can receive treatment if prescribed by a licensed health practitioner, regardless of hospitalization.’

“Gilbert threatened legal action Monday to have the regulation invalidated, contending it was enacted without proper justification, was pre-empted by federal law and amounts to the Pharmacy Board acting in the place of doctors.”

Drive-By Muthings

* Jon Ralston reports that he’s raised $100,000 over the last 30 days to keep his liberal blog operation afloat, along with a $100,000 matching donation from big-time Democrat donor Steve Cloobeck.  That $200,000 covers the $200,000 salary Jon has been paying himself.  Everyone else?  Let them eat cake!

* Saw this meme on social media: “Anyone else notice ‘pandemic’ is just ‘dem’ surrounded by panic?”

*  I’m glad I never threw out my “Make America Great Again” baseball cap.  It’s more relevant now than it was back in 2016.  And I never liked “Keep America Great” as much anyway.

* AOC is now kvetching that President Trump is providing “little, or no translation of public health mandates into multiple languages.”  Isn’t that the job of personal interpreters?

* A Washington Post reporter is releasing in June an “unauthorized biography” of our First Lady, Melania Trump.  I’m sure it will be fair and balanced.

* Las Vegas and Henderson have “temporarily” allowed home delivery for liquor.  Great.  Now change temporary to permanent.

* Why can’t a hair stylist or manicurist come to your home and give you a haircut or nail trim as long as both of you take prudent precautions?

* Why can’t a father and son hop in a golf cart together and play 18 holes?  Or whack a tennis ball back and forth on a tennis court?

* Why can’t families jump in the car and attend a church service conducted while they remain in their vehicles?

*  Why can’t Nevadans, as the governor put it, “have an Easter dinner of 23 people in your immediate family,” but no such group limitation applies to the homeless?

* Why aren’t more Nevadans asking questions like this?


“(President Trump) has been responsive to New York and responsive to New York’s needs and he’s done it quickly and he’s done it efficiently.” – DEMOCRAT New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Fredo’s brother)

“Every single direct request that (President Trump) was capable of meeting, he has met. We have the USNS Mercy in California because of his direct intervention and support. 2,000 of these federal medical stations because of his direct support. And so, I can only speak for myself, but I have to be complimentary, otherwise, I would be simply lying to you, misleading you. And that is a wonderful thing to be able to say, and I hope that continues.” – DEMOCRAT California Gov. Gavin Newsome


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