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Silver Lining on the Budget Deal

About the only good thing about this Ryan-Murray budget deal is that the absurd program of extending unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks is FINALLY going to come to an end…even though Harry Reid has vowed to undo that aspect of the deal as soon as Congress comes back from their Christmas vacation.

Wanna see the unemployment numbers drop like a stone in 2014?  Cut off the extended unemployment benefits for the able-bodied and FORCE people to get a job…any job! 

And don’t tell me there aren’t any jobs out there.  Bullspit.  And if you can’t find a job, MAKE a job for yourself.  Heck, start a pooper-scooper service for dog owners.  All you need is a trash bag and small shovel…not a college degree.

Stop blaming everyone else for your predicament, stop leeching off the taxpayers, show some self-respect, and do what you have to do to provide for yourself and your family instead of relying on the government to tend to your every need.  Enough is enough.


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