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Shrewd Politics emerges from Clark GOP Wreckage

NewsFlash: There are signs of intelligence at the Clark County Republican Party! Film at 11.

Here’s the deal: Douglas Davila-Pestana, a Precinct Administrator for the local party organization, has proposed that the GOP’s central committee officially endorse a candidate, Greg Hughes, of the Independent American Party (IAP) in the State Senate District 1 race.

Now, that’s not quite as radically counter-productive as it may seem at first glance. You see, there is no Republican candidate running in that race, and as Davila-Pestana notes, the IAP candidate is probably more conservative than most garden-variety GOP candidates on the ballot this year.

Why this is strategically smart is that by the GOP endorsing the IAP candidate in this particular race, it could help persuade the IAP to return the favor and endorse some GOP legislative candidates in which just a few votes one way or the other might be the difference between winning and losing on November 6. A win-win for both parties.

That said, Davila-Pestana needs to have his head examined. What is someone thinking so clearly and logically and focusing on local races where the local party should be focusing doing in an organization historically known for nothing but internecine fights over stupid rules and bylaws?

But he sure is a breath of fresh air!


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