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Send in the Ass-Clown

“Hey Mark, would you make a fool of yourself on the Internet?”

“Sure would.”

Here, let me give you some new examples of what an incredible horse’s ass this village idiot, Assemblyman Mark Sherwood, is.

Bear in mind this dufus is *supposed* to be a dignified elected official; a member of the Legislature, not some blogger hack with a Twitter account. And yet, here are some examples of what Ass. Mark Surewould has posted on the ‘net over the past couple of days:

“@ChuckMuth- getting 2close to mark for u? Ur spurned GOP party loser -turned principled defender of Conservatism- schtick is tired.”

Oh, yeah. Real dignified. But at least it’s unintelligible.

“@ChuckMuth – Name drops Ralston daily. Muth=useful idiot for liberal press. Discredits NPRI & AFP to include Muth.”

Yep, it’s true. I reference Jon Ralston often. Yep, Jon is no movement conservative; but he is smart, informed, experienced and respected. Unlike Ass. Surewould.

Oh, and over the weekend, Surewould launched an anti-Chuck Muth blog which is about as juvenile and amateurish as anything I’ve ever seen, including sites set up by 8-year-olds. It includes two pages which I’m sure he believes are incredibly funny: “Bipolar Chuck” and “Shakedown Charlie.”


In addition, a new Nevada political blog debuted over the weekend claiming to be dedicated to “conservative ideals and is presented in such a way as to elevate principled conservative conservation and viewpoints ahead of obnoxious, agenda-driven, personalities.”

Gee, I wonder who they’re talking about?

But I shall refrain from any obnoxious, personality-driven criticism of the new blog other than to point out that I think they meant “conservative conversation” not “conservative conservation” (doh!) and whoever is behind it is hiding their identity. But although it is a completely anonymous blog, this little rant in one of the first posts tells us who is really behind it: Ass. Mark Surewould

As a side note, Assemblyman (Ed) Goedhardt pays ‘professional blogger’ Chuck Mouth for political advice (talk about wasting your money, and we all thought Ed was a fiscal conservative).

Don’t be surprised if ‘Charlie Shakedown’ gives Mr. Goedhardt a pass on both his vote against free market healthcare (AB309) and his pro-criminal vote (AB501) when one of Mouth’s numerous ‘non-profits’ gets around to publishing its ‘WHO IS VOTING LIKE A CONSERVATIVE LIST’.

It’s a safe bet ’the list’ comes out a couple of days before the next ‘First Friday’. Nothing like a bogus report card on Republican legislators from a multiple time GOP loser to gin up donations for Chuck ‘Bankrupt’ Muth!

This would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Seriously, this is an ELECTED REPUBLICAN STATE LEGISLATOR!

And some folks still wonder why the GOP has become the permanent minority party in the state Assembly? Heck, I half expect them to name this clod the next Minority Leader to replace “Tax My Meat” Pete! Nevada Republicans….you should be so proud.


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