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Send in SureWould’s Clown Clone

So there’s this guy in Reno who got all of 28% of the vote running against Assemblyman Randy “Kirner Tax” Kirner (R-Kirner Tax) four years ago who has thrown his tighty whities into the GOP primary race again this year.  And apparently he’s running to be the next Mark SureWould.

The guy’s name is Robb Archie and I think he used to sing in the Partridge Family or something.

Anyway, ol’ Arch was whining on Twitter about conservative Lisa Krasner also running in the same GOP primary race and splitting the anti-Kirner vote.   So I asked via Twitter, respectfully, why Krasner should get out of the race instead of him considering his less-than-stellar electoral performance the last time.  To which Archie tweeted:

“Aren’t you one of the Republican women who left the party in the past?”

“Republican women.”  Get it?  What a hoot!

Buckle up, folks.  You know how I love when these gadflies stick their heads up and shout “Whack me!”  More to come…


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