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Sen. Brower Reaffirms Support for Governor on Tax Hikes

In a feature story in today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal, state Sen. Greg Brower, appointed to replace Sen. Bill Raggio, reaffirmed his support for Gov. Sandoval. “I have looked at the governor’s budget,” Brower said. “It is important to pass the budget without raising taxes. I support the governor.”

It’ll take eight senators making the same commitment to support the governor to block any tax or fee hikes from hitting the Gov. Sandoval’s desk, thanks to the 2/3 super-majority requirement. He has Sen. Brower. He also has Senate Minority Leader Mike McGinness, who articulated his support of the governor in a letter last week. And because they signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, he has Sens. Cegavske, Roberson, Gustavson and Halseth.

That’s six. Two more public commitments and Republicans in the Senate will COMPLETELY change the debate. No longer will there be any talk of raising taxes, because that would be a complete waste of time. Instead, the Senate would then focus solely on setting spending priorities and balancing the budget with existing revenue. Let’s hope the GOP gets those two votes this week before the session really kicks into high gear. Clock’s ticking. Only 119 days to go.


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