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Sen. Ben Ready to Bend on Taxes?

I have said all along that despite him signing that letter earlier this session promising to back Gov. Sandoval’s no-new-taxes budget, freshman Republican Sen. Ben Kieckhefer was NOT a solid vote against tax and/or fee hikes.

And sure enough, on Sam Shad’s Nevada Newsmaker program on Tuesday, Kieckhefer said that he didn’t see any chance for a tax hike “at this point,” but admitted that if the pot was sweet enough, he’d be willing to tell folks that yeah, he broke his promise.

Kieckhefer did say he didn’t think the Democrats would sweeten the pot enough, but he did admit that he does have a price.

So…how much is Sen. Kieckhefer’s word worth? Alas, Gov. Sandoval might just see soon enough.


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