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School Choice without Choice

It’s national School Choice Week this week, and in a recent op/ed published by the LVRJ, Clark County School Superintendent Dwight Jones wrote that “School choice is far more than charter schools, and in order to meet all students’ needs, we must provide as many avenues to education as possible.

Mr. Jones notes that “Nevada’s empowerment school model is a good start at providing options” but “we can – and need to – do more, whether via charter schools, online programs, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate course work, experiential learning activities, and on.”

What about vouchers? Isn’t that an alternative avenue to education?

“The school board members have said they are not supportive of vouchers,” Mr. Jones explained in a separate interview in the LV Sun. So in other words, we have to provide students with as many avenues to education as possible, as long as they are completely controlled by the government.

Some choice.


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