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Schneider Blazes ObamaCare Trail

Nevada legislators, strapped for cash and fighting efforts to make any cuts anywhere on anybody in the state budget, are backing Senate Bill 135 which would slough off the cost of providing heart and lung medical care for future cops and firefighters to the federal Medicare program.

Nanny-stater Sen. Mike Schneider (D-Las Vegas) – the man behind the ridiculous mandatory tire pressure bill – declared with glee that by passing the SB 135, legislators “are just shifting (liability) to where every other American goes.”

Indeed, that is the Left’s ultimate goal with ObamaCare. Their full intention is to get every American out of their private insurance program and shift them to nationalized, federal health care. SB 135 continues the slow migration to the “government option” for health care – which will do for our doctors and hospitals what the government option has done for our teachers and schools in education.

Oh, joy.


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