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Say “adios” to defrocked TV pundit

After losing his gig as a genuine, bona fide newspaper columnist a couple years back, Jon Ralston’s Twitter profile was reduced to: “I’m a NV political journalist w/a TV program, email newsletter and web site.”

First, “journalist” should always be put in quotes when associated with Ralston.  He’s a political activist, not a journalist.  Has been for a long time.

Secondly, he no longer has a TV program.  From today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal…

“Las Vegas political pundit Jon Ralston’s nightly television talk show will sign off for good on Dec. 12. … Ralston, known in Nevada political circles as a deeply sourced commentator, said in an interview that he will keep other parts of his work going after he loses the bully pulpit afforded by KSNV-TV, Channel 3.  ‘I’m still going to be around,’ Ralston said. ‘I still have a website and an email newsletter I’m doing.’

“His website,, offers a daily mix of tidbits about Nevada’s political scene, often delivered with acerbic personal attacks and name-calling, but sometimes injected with levity. He recently called the activist group Citizen Outreach ‘Citizen Outhouse clowns’ and called conservative Republican legislators a ‘gang of loons.’”

Gotta love this: Ralston was quoted in the RJ story as saying, “I don’t think anybody knew outside the station this was happening.”

Um, except for us “clowns” at “Citizen Outhouse.”

In fact, we predicted the end of Ralston Reports MONTHS ago when it was announced that Sinclair Broadcast Group, known for its conservative-leaning on-air editorials, had purchased KSNV.  If Ralston didn’t see this coming a mile away, then he was either blinded by his own egomania or was clinically delusional.

RIP, Ralston Reports.  Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.  Good luck with that blog thing.


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