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Sandoval’s Public Education Gigaway

On Thursday night, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R-Advertising) announced the following sneak-attack on the business community in his State of the State speech…

“To close the gap between proposed revenue and projected spending, I am offering a two-part solution. … First, the so-called ‘sunset taxes’ must be continued to cover basic expenditures. … Second, we must identify new sources of revenue. … I am therefore proposing…modifying the existing Business License Fee to a graduated scale…”

Almost all of the cash windfall would be earmarked for the bottomless pit of failure and hopelessness known as the government’s public schools.

The liberal Las Vegas Sun editorialized on Sunday that “Although many politicians have bemoaned the state’s ranking in education, along with Nevada’s other woes, few have demonstrated the political guts to try to fix them.”

Oh, puh-lease.

Sandoval has been governor for four years, two full legislative sessions and a handful of special sessions.  He didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.  And he sure as Hades didn’t just come up with this billion dollar tax hike and gigaway to education since November 4th.

This plan was developed LONG ago…but was strategically kept under wraps and secret from voters during the governor’s re-election campaign despite the fact that he essentially had NO OPPONENT!

The governor not only didn’t have the guts or respect for voters to campaign on his plan, he never even hinted at it.  That’s “courage”?  In what dictionary?  On what planet?

No, the governor didn’t show “guts.”  He showed that he believes voters are too stupid to know what’s best for them.   And if that means he has to dishonestly mislead the great unwashed to trick them into going along with his scheme, so be it.

That doesn’t take courage.  That takes chutzpah.


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