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Sandoval’s Plan is PLAN’s Plan

Leading the charge for raising taxes instead of cutting spending are those lovely hypocritical socialists over at PLAN – the Progressive Liberal Alliance of Nevada. They’re having a cow over the prospect of Nevada’s government reducing its over-spending from around $6.4 billion presently to $5.8 billion, as proposed by Gov. Sandoval. That’d be a reduction of around 9 percent, which PLAN considers to be draconian.

However, PLAN was singing a different tune in the spring of 2009, when it, as well as the private sector, was scrambling to stay afloat in the midst of the Great Recession. Here’s what PLAN pooh-bah Bob Fulkerson wrote to supporters in the organization’s newsletter back then (Hat tip: Victor Joecks/NPRI):

“PLAN was hit hard by the economic downturn. But we developed a plan to ensure we move forward with our core mission intact. We cut our budget by 20 percent through a combination of staff layoffs, reduction in hours, and voluntary pay cuts.”

TWENTY percent!

In other words, Gov. Sandoval’s plan to balance the state budget through budget cuts focused on wage reductions is…well, PLAN’s plan, only not so draconian. So now might be a good time for those folks to just shut up already.


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