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Sandoval’s Credibility Gap

Here’s a little-remarked problem Gov. Sandoval will eventually face in future legislative and campaign discussions: a credibility gap.

Because he broke his oft-stated promise not to extend the $600 million worth of “sunsets” this past legislative session, why would anyone take his word at face value again when it comes to future debates over taxes? For example, here’s an exchange that took place in a recent interview with Las Vegas Sun political reporter Anjeanette Damon:

Damon: “There is a group of business and union leaders and liberal activists who are talking about going to the ballot for a broad-based tax increase. Is that an effort you would support?”

Sandoval: “No. I’m aware of it and I’ll be having conversations with them, I’m sure. When you talk about a broad-based business tax, that’s a pretty broad term. I don’t know what that means. But it’s not something I would be supportive of.”

But that response is even less adamant than his promise not to extend the sunsets….and we all know how THAT turned out. Why should anyone believe the governor will be more resolute the next time around as far as drawing a line in the sand on tax hikes than he was this last time?

What if he says he won’t extend the sunsets again in 2013? Would you believe him? What if he says he won’t support making the sunsets permanent, as Democrats absolutely will try to do in 2013? Would you believe him? If so, why? Based on what? His word? His verbal assurances?

Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. If the governor wants a second chance at getting his credibility back on the tax issue, I think this time he’s gonna have to put it in writing….and not in disappearing ink!


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