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Sandoval’s Campaign Selfies

Any sentient human being with an IQ over the interstate highway speed limit knows that Nevada “Republican” Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R-Partners) is a shoe-in for re-election.  The odds of the Democrat beating him on November 4th has been set by Mandalay Bay at a gazillion to one.

So every dime spent by the Sandoval campaign to selfishly promote Sandoval is for nothing more than pure ego gratification and his consultants’ wallets’ fatification. Sandoval’s Obama-like “Forward” billboards, his TV and radio commercials, his voter contact mailers…all of that money SHOULD be going to helping down-ballot Republicans get elected instead.

Some titular head. No wonder party leaders want nothing to do with him.

And speaking of Sandoval, there’s no way this guy has the testosterone to challenge U.S. Sen. Harry Reid in 2016.  But I’m not convinced that Reid will run, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him try to hand down the seat to his son, Rory.

Here’s the thing: If Sandoval does jump into the U.S. Senate race, he won’t be alone.  Conservative Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers is already running and raising money.  And term-limited Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki has long had an interest in that seat.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if Rep. Joe Heck took a serious look at it after he wins re-election in November.

After all, open U.S. Senate seats don’t come around very often.

And that’s the problem for Sandoval. Sure, he was able to waltz through the GOP gubernatorial primary this year absent a funded, known, credible challenger.  But his prospects as a pro-abortion, tax-and-spend moderate in a competitive 2016 U.S. Senate primary?  Not so good.



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