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Sandoval’s Born-Again Opposition to ObamaCare

With all the dishonesty of so many other issues Gov. Brian “B.S.” Sandoval’s (R&R-Partners) campaign has talked about for his re-election, the governor put out the following amazing whopper on Friday…

“I opposed Obamacare from its inception.”

No, he didn’t! He embraced it like a warm and cuddly puppy!

Brian Sandoval claiming he opposed ObamaCare from its inception is like obnoxious liberal Alec Baldwin claiming he’s always opposed the use of gay slurs. (If you don’t know what this is about, click here – but be WARNED: Very graphic language!)

Sandoval was, in fact, the first – and at the time, only – Republican governor to impose an ObamaCare exchange on his state. And despite considerable conservative opposition and warning, willingly rushed in to expand Medicaid, as well.

Indeed, Zach Hudson of the Nevada Democrat Party put out an immediate response to Sandoval’s statement noting that “Governor Sandoval has taken more positions on the Affordable Care Act than Brian Krolicki has taken junkets to China,” adding that “for once it would be nice for Brian Sandoval to maintain a position on an issue for longer than it takes him to dump mental health patients out of state.”

OK, partisan hyperbole, for sure. But accurate in that Sandoval is only voicing opposition to ObamaCare now because public opinion has clearly and overwhelmingly turned against it. He is, if nothing else, a finger-in-the-air politician. Wherever the wind blows…

But it’s not just partisan political operatives who responded with incredulity at Sandoval’s sudden “born again” opposition to ObamaCare on Friday. Get a look at some of the comments that have been posted on the governor’s Facebook page by regular citizens in response to his statement…

  • Bryan Land: Governor: You’ve enabled the ACA every step of the way in Nevada
  • Scott LaFata: hmmmm, after 4 years…
  • Chris Lacas: I support you in many things, but you should have invoked the 10th Amendment and nullified the unconstitutional law and refused to set up the exchange here in Nevada.
  • Skip Baltar: If he’s so opposed, why do we have an “exchange”?
  • Terri Lee Whiteside Donohue: If you were so opposed to this, why were you one of the Governors who were johnny on the spot ready to make us compliant? Other Governors stood up for WeThePeople. You did not!
  • Matt D’Ercole: Now you come out and oppose? LMAO…Where’s the proof that you fought it…opposed it years ago. …You allowed the exchanges here…the ads are running. What a joke. Now you’re a conservative?
  • Nancy Lowry Harteis: You should have been fighting this all along
  • Minnie Bain: You made your decision to participate in the exchange – perhaps you now reconsider… this is totally a socialist program. I’m praying it will implode.
  • Beth Matheson: Then you never should have caved and joined the exchanges. Part of leadership is standing tall against a bad law and not caving to the pressure.
  • Jason Guinasso: If I recall correctly, there was not a mandate that Nevada participate. I believe a few states, like Texas, opted out. If you were opposed to the law, why didn’t Nevada opt out?
  • Raji Fowler: Right….when you opposed it you still opted for a state exchange instead of standing with other states against it…
  • Brian Danise: If you were against it, why did you set up that idiotic silver state exchange? Typical politician.
  • Alvin Heskett: You weren’t very vocal about it Gov. Why aren’t you fighting Reid tooth and nail?
  • Tom Kaiser: Why were you not on Reid’s backside? Why did you not scream loud from the beginning???
  • Kerrie Heretic: With all due respect, sir, then you should have never agreed to accept money to set up a state health insurance exchange. Many didn’t such as Texas, Arizona, and Utah. Nevada should have followed. It disgusts me to see my beautiful Nevada lick the boots of Washington.
  • Laurel Fee: WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!! Brian Sandoval was like the ONLY Republican Governor fast-tracking the health care exchanges AGAINST the wishes of Nevadans!
  • Dianne Hutchens: So why did you put the exchange in place?? Redeem yourself RIGHT NOW by dissolving it!!
  • Ray Zehrung: If you opposed it, you should have nullified it under the 10th amendment…

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. And a weak, Johnny-come-lately statement can’t mask everything Sandoval has done to foist this ObamaCare disaster on Nevadans. Fact is, in the War Against ObamaCare, our governor has been, at best, AWOL.

At worst, a collaborator.


“More than 4.2 million Americans have received health insurance cancellations.” – @SenDeanHeller


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