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Sandoval’s Army of Competents

Nevada Governor-elect Brian Sandoval announced today his selection of 29 Nevadans to serve on his transition advisory team – a list which only enhances our “Personnel is Policy” concerns.

There are a couple of longtime gaming executives, a Mercedes Benz dealer, a union boss, a “Republicans for Reid” state senator, a teacher and founder of a Democrat caucus, two public school board members and one public school official, a former Democrat mayor, a former university president, an energy company executive, the water authority czar, an executive from a Nevada law firm powerhouse, the old NDA guy, the old Chamber guy, a former labor commissioner and a mining executive.

All, clearly, competent individuals. None, clearly, movement conservatives. Most, clearly, status quo establishment figures. None, clearly, agents of tea party-inspired change. Remind me again how that old saying goes about the definition of insanity?


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