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Sandoval Sightings

In my last Muth’s Truths, I asked, “When was the last time Gov. Sandoval spoke to a Republican Women’s Club meeting, especially in Southern Nevada?”

Virginia Finnegan, 1st Vice President of the Southern Hills Republican Women’s Club, wrote to advise the following…

“The Governor spoke at the Southern Hills Republican Women’s Club meeting on August 27th, 2013 in Henderson, NV. He came early, spoke personally to everyone in the room, took pictures with everyone and then addressed the group. After his remarks he took questions from the audience. In all he was there from 10 am until nearly noon.”

The exception that proves the rule? Because I also received the following from a member another Republican Women’s Club in Reno…

“You are right on about the GOP women’s clubs, Chuck. We have sent an invitation to the Governor for every event, every monthly meeting, etc. since he became Governor. I think we received one or maybe two ‘regrets’ calls or emails from his office, but he has never shown up and never supported our club in Reno – and since being elected has never even responded to our invitations.

“I’ve also been working with Washoe County GOP on the events committee, and so far he hasn’t shown up for anything we’ve done, including our Century Club event.”

Might be time to print up some milk cartons.


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