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Sandoval Recall Underway; Sandoval Loses Sleep

And some think only the Right is infested with gadflies. Not. As such, I bring you Bernie Sammons.

This yahoo has swallowed the Kool-Aid and is threatening to have Gov. Brian Sandoval recalled. But rather than try to explain this numbnut’s effort myself, I’ll let him do it. The following is from an email sent to Nevada state senators on March 25th:

Subject: Alternate Funding Plan for Education- Recall of Governor Sandoval already in progress
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 17:41:06 -0700

To The State Senators of Clark County:

Due to the incompetence of both Governor Sandoval and the refusal of the State Legislature to defy him, over 1200 Clark County District Teachers will be unemployed at the end of this school year. When Brian Sandoval ran for office, he claimed he would bring more jobs to Nevada than his predecessor. Instead, he will set the record for losing more jobs than his predecessor. Simply put, he is carrying forward the same failed policies as Jim Gibbons.

It is for this reason an organization is already formed and waiting for the 6 month waiting period to begin recall efforts to remove Governor Sandoval from office before he does more destruction to both education and the State of Nevada as well.

As a block of Senators, Clark County Senators have the power to propose the following:

1. Increase the sales tax on all Tobacco products, alcoholic products, and foods considered “junk foods”.

By doing this, four things would be accomplised.

1. A very large amount of the funds needed to help fund education would be met, greatly reducing the budget deficit.
2. The increased price of tobacco products would reduce teen smoking.
3. Increased price in tobacco and alcoholic products would reduce dependency, thus reducing number of individuals needing state sponsored health care in the future.
4. Increased costs of junk food products would help reduce childhood obesity and children and teenagers would have to choose between junk food and vidoe games.

Governor Sandoval may not agree, Howver as a block of Senators you have the power to convince others that this is needed and this will work.

360 future unemployed members of CCSD are watching to see how you act. If you choose not to act, those in office until 2014 may see your name next to Brian Sandoval on the recall petitions beginning April 15th.


Bernie Sammons

Recall Sandoval- Bad for Education-Bad for Nevada

Mr. Sammons followed that little rant up with this one on Thursday:

From: Bernie Sammons []
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 5:10 PM
To: Breeden, Shirley A. Senator; Cegavske, Barbara Senator; Copening, Allison Senator; Denis, Moises Senator; Halseth, Elizabeth Senator; Hardy, Joe Senator; Horsford, Steven Senator; Kihuen, Ruben Senator; Lee, John Senator; Manendo, Mark Senator; Parks, David R. Senator; Roberson, Michael Senator; Schneider, Michael Senator; Wiener, Valerie Senator
Subject: FW: Alternate Funding Plan for Education- Recall of Governor Sandoval already in progress

To The State Senators of Clark County:

You were sent the message below on the 25th of March. Governor Sandoval didn’t learn from the mistakes of his predecessor and as a result, all Nevadans must suffer. You are in a position to bring this to a stop. There is a bill making its way through that would increase the sales tax on alcoholic and tobacco items. These increased taxes would then be used to fund education and help with the budget shortage.
Currently, Nevada has a lower sales tax on these items than other states such as Arizona.

For those who are Reprublican puppets or Democrats who don’t agree with this sales tax increase, remember our warning sent on March 25th.

A petition has already been created that will be used to begin the recall effort against Governor Sandoval beginning June 10th. In addition, those of you who choose to side with Governor Sandoval and block this from passing will be added to our recall effort. There are over 1,000 Clark County Employees that have lost their jobs and are waiting for June so that they may add their signatures to the petition.

If you are ready to be recalled, vote against this bill. If you value your job and truly repreesent those who elect you, pass it with a veto proof majority.

The future of Nevada depends upon your actions….or inactions. You choose.


Bernie Sammons

Recall Sandoval- Bad for Education-Bad for Nevada

I just know the governor is shaking in his boots and losing sleep over the threats of a liberal wingnut like Bernie Sammons. Maybe he should just avoid the the whole thing by resigning from office right now. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


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