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Sandoval and “No New Taxes”

David McGrath Schwartz of the Las Vegas Sun today takes an in-depth look at Nevada Gov.-elect Sandoval’s campaign promise not to raise taxes while simultaneously balancing the state’s budget and dealing with its over-spending deficit. In it, he quotes some Muth’s Truths:

Chuck Muth, a conservative political consultant and keeper of the anti-tax pledge (which Sandoval refused to sign), said Sandoval is still viewed warily by conservatives.

“It’s the ‘trust but verify’ thing with him,” said Muth, referring to Ronald Reagan’s Cold War axiom.

Muth compared Sandoval to Dean Heller, who had a populist, moderate reputation as secretary of state, but has played to the conservative base with his voting record in Congress, easily earning a third term representing the state’s rural district.

Muth called Sandoval’s fiscal position “a victory for movement conservatives, the Tea Party movement … There are successes in new Republicans moving to the right, in both their campaigns and how they govern.”

On Monday, though, Sandoval once again sent a signal that seemingly conflicts with his rhetoric.

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