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Sandoval Adviser: Obama will Win Nevada

Anjeanette Damon of the Las Vegas Sun reports that in an interview on “Nevada Newsmakers” yesterday, Pete Ernaut, a senior political adviser to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval predicted that President Obama will win Nevada by between 1-3 percentage points.

Folks, you may not like that message, but the messenger didn’t just fall off a turnip truck last night. Pete is a savvy, well-respected longtime political operative in Nevada.

And while I have been quite critical of Gov. Sandoval for how little he’s done on the campaign trail for local and state Republican candidates this election cycle, Damon points out that the governor has been pretty much AWOL on behalf of Mitt Romney, as well.

“Sandoval is one of the most popular politicians in the state, but has been largely absent from Romney’s campaign trail, a conspicuous absence given Romney’s tough fight in one of the country’s most critical battleground states. Sandoval appeared at one early-season rally with Romney, but hasn’t acted as much of a surrogate for the campaign.”

Talk about leading from behind.


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