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Sam Brown: Can He Catch Lightning in a Bottle in Nevada U.S. Senate Race?

(Chuck Muth) – One of the universal truths in politics is that you can’t beat somebody with nobody.

And one of the arguments being trotted out by Mitch McConnell and the DC “establishment” is that there’s no viable, credible alternative to Adam Laxalt as the GOP’s standard-bearer in next year’s crucial U.S. Senate race in Nevada.

Not so fast.

I was introduced to Captain Sam Brown – who’s also running for the seat in the GOP primary – a few weeks ago at an event at the Ahern Hotel.  It didn’t go much beyond shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries.  But we’re scheduled to meet later today for a more in-depth talk.

And it should prove very interesting, especially after I watched his interview on FOX News’ Sean Hannity show last night.

Sam may be soft-spoken, but his message – especially as it related to Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco – was POWERFUL.  In fact, as Hannity handed off the broadcast to fellow host Laura Ingraham, here’s what Laura had to say

“Hannity, your guest, Captain Sam Brown – first of all, I want to sign up for his campaign for (U.S. Senate) in Nevada.  He – he was so good; I mean, we have all these politicians on our shows – he’s the anti-politician. … He was a GREAT guest. … Thank you for introducing him to America.”

Unlike Biden – who all but screamed at us during yesterday’s bug-out speech – Sam doesn’t have to be loud to be heard.  His story of sacrifice – gravely wounded in an IED explosion in Kandahar – and patriotism speaks for itself.

And it’s striking a chord with Nevada GOP voters…as well as voters all across the country.

Here are just a few of the social media comments posted last night after his Hannity interview…

  • “I saw you tonight on Hannity and was so impressed with you. I am also from Nevada and have been praying for a senator that stands for the people and not for their own greedy and narcissistic selves. Thank you for your service and devotion to this country and God bless you and your family.” – Christine Mulligan

  • “You’ve given me a spark of hope in our government.” – Walter Ely

  • “Senator-to-be Brown, you did a great job on Hannity. I read your posts a few weeks ago here on Facebook and knew right away as an American Conservative that loves this country, America needs you in DC. Although I live in Florida, I was happy to donate to your campaign and I challenge every American to do the same. Thank you for service!” – David Rogers

  • “Bravo. Great Interview Sam Brown. The American people love you and all the brave men and women who served before, with you, and after you. Thank you for continuing to fight for us! I have your six anytime. Godspeed.” – Anthony J Keegan

  • “You are a bright light in a moment of temporary darkness. Thank you for fighting for what is right!!” – Maureen Ennor

  • “You are this country’s future. God saved you for this very purpose. Go get them, Sam!” – Vickie Edwards Ferguson

  • “Sam Brown is someone we so desperately need in the U.S. senate. He is an honorable, patriotic man, a West Point grad who’s served his nation. If I lived in NV he’d have my vote!!” – Barby Blackburn

  • “I live in Nevada and can’t wait to vote for him. Bring on the election.” – Bonnie Molle Reding

  • “You have my support here in Nevada. Loved you on Hannity last night!” – Elle DeLacy

  • “Christine Mulligan, I live here too! He is EXACTLY what we need here. At 67 years old I am now going to volunteer.” – Joanne-lautizi Ready

  • “DONATE! We need as many of these guys we can get! You won’t miss 50 bucks or so.” – Kelli Berry

I don’t know if Sam can put together an insurgent campaign to defeat Laxalt and the DC establishment in next year’s primary or not.  But the potential is definitely there.

Nevada Republicans are tired of losing with the same tired, uninspiring, DC-backed candidates with their stock talking points and hollow promises.

They’re looking for “new blood” to rally behind – not just to beat the Democrats, but to beat the GOP establishment that keeps foisting the likes of Mitt Romney, Dean Heller and Brian Sandoval on us.

And if Capt. Brown’s campaign catches fire, we could witness a MAJOR upset next June in this primary race.  Keep an eye on it.  I know I will.

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“Republican Adam Laxalt has launched his campaign for Senate… The former state attorney general is the consensus choice of the Republican establishment in Nevada and Washington, D.C.” – Washington Examiner

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