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“Sadistic” Killers of War Hero’s Dog Sentenced

“Two Suspects connected to death of Marcus Lutrell’s dog DASY. The suspect (Alfonso Hernandez) in the upper right of the television image is in custody.”

If you still haven’t read Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s book, “Lone Survivor,” put it on your summer reading list right now before the summer is over. It’s about a disastrous 2005 military operation in Afghanistan in which Luttrell’s entire SEAL team was wiped out. It’s fascinating and riveting…and most Americans have absolutely no idea what men such as Luttrell go through on our behalf.

Anyway, after leaving the military, Luttrell returned home to his farm in Huntsville, Texas – where friends gave him a “therapy puppy,” a Labrador retriever, to help with his recovery from the tragedy. The puppy, according to a story by Jillian Geoffrey in this week’s National Examiner, was named DASY, “using letters from the names of (his) dead war buddies.” I’ll let Geoffrey describe the rest of the story:

“In April 2009, Lutrell let DASY out. Soon afterward, he heard a gunshot, grabbed his pistol and went to investigate. Using his SEAL stealth, he snuck up on strange men standing over DASY, who lay dying from a pistol shot. ‘I saw my dog in a ditch and two men standing outside the car,’ recalls Luttrell. ‘I could hear them laughing.’

“Enraged Luttrell charged the men, who sped away in a car, but the SEAL chased them in his own truck. Calling 911, he directed the chase through three counties until the men were captured.

“Both men were convicted of animal cruelty charges in a Walker County court. But (Michael) Edmonds got off with five years of probation and a $1,000 fine while sicko (Alfonso) Hernandez was slammed with two years in prison because he finished DASY off with a baseball bat.”

These two low-lifes got off WAY too easy! At the very least, Luttrell should have been allowed 15 minutes alone with each of them in a locked, sound-proofed cell – along with full immunity for whatever happened.


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