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Rory Reid’s PAC of Lies

Rory Reid, caught by Jon Ralston laundering $750,000 for his gubernatorial campaign through 91 dummy PACs last year, claims his campaign was told it was legal by Democrat Secretary of State Ross Miller’s office and that he did it this way in order to be “more transparent.”

After making that claim, his nose grew 15-feet long!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Rory’s lying through his teeth. If he really was trying to be “transparent,” why did he give the PACs names such as “Bighorn Alliance,” “Leadership for Nevada’s Children” and “Palm Tree PAC”?

In fact, not one of Rory’s PAC names even remotely comes close to suggesting it was a shell organization on paper designed to funnel money to his campaign.

I mean, if Rory truly believed this scheme was legal and legit and his interest was purely in being transparent, why didn’t he name the PACs Rory 1, Rory 2, Rory 3, Rory 4…Rory 91?


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