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Thanks to conservative efforts at welfare reform during the Clinton administration, welfare recipients in Nevada may collect taxpayer-funded benefits for up to two years, at which point they must give up this individual taxpayer bailout assistance for one year before being eligible to collect an additional two years of taxpayer-funded welfare benefits.

But some state legislators on the Assembly Health and Human Resources Committee – who apparently don’t seem to fully grasp the economic situation we’re faced with these days – recently gave a thumbs up to a bill which would eliminate the one-year you’ve-been-living-off-the-taxpayers-long-enough-so-get-a-job period, thus allowing welfare recipients – oh, I’m sorry, that’s not politically correct any longer; I mean recipients of “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families” – to live on the dole five straight years.

Natch, all of the Democrats voted in favor of this welfare expansion without any money to pay for it.

Two “moderate” tax-hiking Republicans, Joe Hardy and Lynn Stewart, voted with the Democrats in favor of this welfare expansion without any money to pay for it.

Only two Republicans on the committee voted against welfare expansion – conservatives Ty Cobb and John Hambrick.


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