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Roberson’s Full of Sheep Dip: Another in a Series

The conservative Independent American Party (IAP) fielded a lot of candidates this year, which could again be detrimental to mushy-moderate GOP candidates in the fall.  But when Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger blogged just that, Sen. Moderate Mike Roberson responded…

“No, historical data shows they do not.”

Roberson is talking out of his arse.  In fact, he went to extraordinary lengths to keep an IAP candidate out of his race in 2010 and negotiated with the IAP leadership in 2012 to keep their candidates out of his top targeted state senate races.  Why bend over backwards to keep IAP candidates out of races if “historical data” (that he probably made up) shows they don’t threaten GOP candidate in the fall?

As a side note, in order to persuade the IAP not to file candidates in targeted 2012 state senate races, Roberson promised the IAP that his candidates would not support higher taxes.

The two candidates Roberson was most worried about were the campaigns of now-Sen. Mark Hutchison and now-Sen. Scott Hammond…both of whom ended up voting for (a) the extension of the $600 million worth of “temporary” tax hikes that were supposed to “sunset” in 2011, and (b) Roberson’s $600 million mining tax proposal.

To suggest that the IAP was angry at being hoodwinked and betrayed by Roberson is an understatement of massive proportions – and a prime reason why so many IAP candidates filed in highly targeted GOP races, including Senate District 8, a seat Roberson MUST keep to have any chance of winning the majority in November.

If Roberson against fails to win a Republican majority, he will have reaped what he sowed using his own forked tongue.


I just love when a candidate decides not to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge without bothering to even discuss it with someone who, you know, knows something about the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and then tells a town hall group they’re not signing the Pledge for a reason that shows the candidate doesn’t even know what the Pledge says.

Latest example: Becky Harris, Sen. Moderate Mike Roberson’s anointed candidate in Senate District 9.  She was caught on video dissembling about her reason for not signing the Pledge, saying she wanted to be able to consider tax reform.

But there is NOTHING in the Pledge that prohibits voting for revenue neutral tax REFORM.  The Tax Pledge is all about stopping tax HIKES.  In fact, the name of the organization which “invented” the Tax Pledge over 25 years ago is called Americans FOR Tax REFORM.  Duh.

So on at least this one, critical issue, Becky Harris is also full of sheep dip.

Not totally surprising when you consider she was former Assemblyman Mark SureWould’s handpicked successor…or went on to lose that Republican Assembly seat in 2012.

Also, Republican Senate Caucus director Jodi Stephens tweeted that “SD9 needs a strong leader like Becky!”  Which is laughable!  How can you be a “strong leader” when you do everything Roberson tells you to do?

>>>>> Another of “Roberson’s Girls” who is doing as she’s told and not signing the Tax Pledge, Patricia Farley, candidate for Senate District 8 – you know, that district where Roberson says there’s no “historical data” indicating an IAP candidate could swing a close race to the D’s – boasted last week on Twitter of garnering the endorsement of the Associated General Contractors.

Big whoop.  She’s in the construction business.  Duh.  And AGC is the organization representing pro-union contractors.  Not much here for conservatives to get excited about.

>>>>> For the record, in a hotly contested special congressional race in Florida last week, in a district that now is pretty evenly matched in voter registration, Republican David Jolly won.  Oh, and Jolly is a Tax Pledge signer.

>>>>> I’m hearing and seeing more and more conservatives tell GOP candidates this cycle that if they don’t sign the Tax Pledge, don’t come knocking on my door and don’t waste your time asking me for money.  BRAVO!  As the saying goes, if you want ‘em to see the light, make ‘em feel the heat.


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