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Road Trip!

Forget school…let’s go camping!

That’s the message sent out via email on Friday by UNLV student and community organizer Michael Flores of (Lack of) Progress Now Nevada. Flores is organizing the camping trip in Carson City this coming week…to, um…supporting the Mother of All Tax hikes on Nevada’s families and small businesses to that he won’t have to pay market prices on college tuition. Here’s his email:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for attending the March 21st rally in Carson City to fight against cuts to the higher education budget in Nevada. It was the largest rally in Carson City history and marked a turning point in the legislative session.

Unfortunately some legislators still have not gotten the message and are threatening to vote in favor of drastically defunding higher education, and UNLV is at the top of their list.

To once more bring the voice and the will of the people to Carson City a final major legislative action has been planned: a three day tent city on the lawn of the Capitol where students will intensively lobby legislators the entire time for education funding.

We know that enough legislators are on the fence about supporting new revenue to help education that we can win the fight, but we cannot win it without direct action.

A charter bus has been secured to take students from Southern Nevada to Carson City for the camp out where we’ll be joined by hundreds of students from Northern Nevada. Think March 21st but for three whole days. We’ll be doing direct lobbying of legislators as well as other actions in and around the Legislative Building to create pressure to support new revenue.

If you are interested in going on this critically important trip please respond to this email. Here are the details:

When: May 16th 3:00AM (approximate time bus will depart Las Vegas) until May 18th 9:00PM (approximate time bus will return to Las Vegas)

Cost: The bus ride is free. There will also be food and drinks provided free of charge most of the time. There are restaurants and coffee shops in the area if you would like to buy your own stuff, but most of the food/drinks will be free.

Are we really camping out: Yes! If you have a tent or can borrow one from a friend that would be ideal. Or discount stores sells two-person tents for as low as $20. If neither of these are an option there will be some extra spaces in tents, just let me know and we’ll find you a spot.

This is our last best chance to save our school from major tuition hikes, professor layoffs, programs ending, and our degrees being harmed.

Please respond to this email immediately if you are interested in going on this important trip.

Michael Flores
UNLV Student Organizer

A free lunch! And free bus fare! A liberal’s dream come true!

I wonder if they’ll be allowed to use Speaker Oceguera’s gym and the shower in his office? And I wonder how many baby liberals are going to be conceived in this co-ed tent city over those three days? Keg-ger! Keg-ger! Keg-ger!


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