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RJ’s Myers Disses KDWN’s Stock

Laura Myers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote about the Clark County GOP chairman’s race brouhaha on Monday without so much as mentioning the original source of much in her story, conservative talk-show host Alan Stock, while quoting the terminally-clueless Cathie Lynn Gisi-Profant-Upshaw-Windham-Otts-Milar.

For example, Myers wrote…

“McKeon, who is the son of U.S. Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., said he doesn’t want to work with (opponent Cindy) Lake if he is elected chairman because he sees her as a disruptive force. Lake has said she would work with McKeon, however.”

McKeon said that on Stock’s show during an on-air debate between McKeon and Lake. Yet no mention of Stock in Myers’ story.

And this…

“During a nasty custody battle for their two boys, Monica McKeon accused McKeon of abusing her, including forcing her to have sex. She said he was abusive to their sons as well. She got a temporary restraining order against McKeon that was renewed several times in California, where the couple lived at the time. McKeon denied the accusations, noting that his ex-wife never filed a police report documenting any abuse and that he was never arrested on such allegations.”

Again, the allegations and McKeon’s denial were brought up and addressed on Stock’s show, yet no mention of Stock in Myers’ story.

Can you imagine if Myers wrote a story in the RJ and Stock talked about it on the air without mentioning HER name, as if HE’D broken the story instead of her? She’d scream bloody murder.


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