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RINO sheds conservative cloak, comes out of closet

In her Republican primary against conservative Taxpayer Protection Pledge-signing GOP candidate Vick Gill, Becky Harris – Senate Minority Leader Moderate Mike Roberson’s handpicked candidate for the critical Senate District 9 seat – ran and campaigned as a conservative while simultaneously refusing to ink the Pledge.

And now that she fooled enough Republican primary voters to get the nomination last month, Harris is reverting to form.  In her new campaign flyer Harris claims she’s “not your typical Republican.”  In other words, she’s really just Democrat-lite, as demonstrated by these new, decidedly NOT Republican, positions…

She now agrees with Democrats, liberals and the teachers union in declaring that “our schools are underfunded.”  As if more money would fix education.

She now supports “reducing class size,” an expensive, failed, feel-good notion that Nevada has been experimenting with in grades 1-3 for over two decades with no noticeable improvement whatsoever.

She now supports “increasing teacher pay” with no mention whatsoever of increasing teacher accountability or parental school choice.

She claims to be “the only candidate for State Senate who has a plan to fund education.”  No she isn’t; especially if her plan is to increase spending on education.  Every Democrat candidate running for the Legislature has a plan to increase spending on education.

She now supports a $600 million tax hike on the state’s mining industry as proposed by her master-and-commander, Sen. Roberson.

She now supports forcing taxpayers to pay for her birth control pills.

She now supports the expansion of Medicaid, a foolish decision that is going to cost Nevadans up the wazoo in a couple years once the feds stop contributing to the program and taxpayers here get stuck holding the bag.

I can’t support Harris’ Democrat opponent, incumbent State Sen. Justin Jones, as his radical anti-gun rights agenda.   But sorry folks, I can’t support Harris either.  A two-faced, forked-tongued, Roberson-controlled Stepford assemblywoman isn’t any better.

Put me down for “None of the Above” in this race.


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