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RINO Joe Strikes Again

Teens are free to trot down to the local abortion clinic without parental notification, let alone parental permission, but if SB 291 is passed into law, they’ll have to get a note from mommy before patronizing a tanning salon.

This ridiculous bill passed the Senate this week with two Republican votes. One was term-limited Dean Rhoads; the other, naturally, was liberal nanny-state Republican Sen. Joe Hardy.

How many signatures does it take to launch a recall again?

OK, one more RINO Joe item.

There’s a bill sponsored by Joe Hardy that would allow a candidate who loses a party primary – let’s just say, for argument’s sake, a liberal Republican – to then file and run on the general election ballot as a write-in candidate. I call it the “Lisa Murkowski Bill.”

Well, RINO Joe’s bill came up for a vote on Tuesday night and went down in flames. In fact, RINO Joe was the only senator to vote for the bill. It was killed, 20-Joe.


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