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Ringmaster of Clark GOP Clown Show Bows Out

(Chuck Muth) – By all accounts, the meeting of the Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) Tuesday night – in which the election of a new chairman was slated as the main event – was a disaster.

Republicans barred entry.  Cops called.  No election held.

The next day, chair candidate Dave Crete called for an emergency meeting of the CCRCC for the purpose of approving and finalizing the list of new members whose applications had not been processed or had been rejected without cause.

“Good Republicans have been mistreated,” Crete wrote in an email to circus ringmaster Chairman David Sadsack (Sajdak).  “We MUST act NOW to correct this situation and prevent any repetition.”

Jesse Law – another chair candidate who Sadsack unilaterally kicked off the ballot over some undefined and unsubstantiated “ethics” rumor – wrote to supporters: “Yes, I am pursuing legal options.”

On Thursday, a third chair candidate, State Sen. Carrie Buck – Sadsack’s hand-picked replacement – slammed Tuesday’s “demonstration of ineffective and damaging leadership,” as well as “the decision to remove Jesse Law from election eligibility,” and called for his resignation.

Embarrassingly, Sadsack had already announced he was quitting before Buck’s statement was issued.  Oops.  Communication breakdown.

“I am sorry for what transpired on Tuesday,” the GOP’s Barney Fife wrote in a self-serving email calling it quits. “I don’t think anyone of us anticipated the level of evil in that room and outside.”

“Evil”?  No.  It was disgust over how Sadsack’s ham-handed authoritarian reign has leveled the organization to a pile of rubble.

But if you think the nightmare is now on the verge of ending, think again.

In case you’re just joining the $#!+show, the heart of the problem has been Sadsack’s holy war jihad against Nevada Republican Party Chairman Mike McDonald.

And the stated early rationale for Sen. Buck’s candidacy was that she could heal the wounds and unite the warring factions.

Sadly, however, Buck and her crackerjack advisers decided the smart move was to get down in the mud and start slinging some themselves, thus obliterating the stated theme of her candidacy by joining Sadsack’s anti-McDonald obsession.

And earlier this morning – rather than take this golden opportunity to gracefully extract herself from the tar pit and protect her political future – she doubled down; trash-talk tweeting at McDonald…

“When is the last time you won for R’s? A decade ago? Bad data + corruption $$ + power + you = 0 wins for R’s. #resign”

Not exactly culled from the pages of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

In addition, get this…

Sadsack will be replaced for the time being by his second banana, Vice Chair Steve Sauerkraut (Silberkraus).

You remember Sauerkraut, don’t you?

He was one of the Benedict Arnold Republicans in the Nevada Legislature in 2015 who sold out and stabbed the GOP in the back by voting for RINO ex-Gov. Brian Sandoval’s largest tax hike in state history!

And all the king’s horses, and all the king’s men…


* Nevada has been ranked one of the worst states in the union for getting its most vulnerable senior population in nursing homes inoculated with the Trump anti-COVID vaccine.  In an editorial today, the Las Vegas Review-Journal refers to it as a “scandal.”  And it is.  Heckuva job, Gov. von Sisolak!

* Meanwhile, the seven Democrats on the Clark County Commission are inching towards issuing a new countywide mandatory mask order – including for those who have already been vaccinated.  Which is stupid.  But hey, you guys be you.  There will be widespread civil disobedience, if not torches and pitchforks.  We won’t be fooled again.

* On Thursday, Randi Thompson, Nevada State Director for the National Federation of Independent Businesses, called on Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak “to do what governors in half the nation’s other states have already done to get workers back to work – end the extra $300 a week the federal government adds on top state unemployment checks.”  Odds of that happening? Gazillion to one.


* RINO Nevada Assemblyman Glen Leavitt has announced that he’s running for State Senate next year and wrote, in the third person, that “Assemblyman Leavitt was first elected to the Nevada Assembly in 2018 and has always had a strong, conservative voice.”

What crock.  If he had a strong, conservative voice it certainly wasn’t HIS.  His anti-conservative voting record proves it.

* RINO Nevada State Assemblyman Tom Roberts – now running for Clark County sheriff – tweeted this morning…

“Opening ceremony for the #TokyoOlympics airs tonight! … I’m proud to cheer on #TeamUSA and wish them the best of luck!”

Hmm.  Including these gals, Tom?

I think Steven Crowder may have put this best…

“You are competing solely to represent and bring honor to the country that sent you. If you refuse to honor that country, you shouldn’t compete.”

What he said, not what Tom said.


“Man, if people spent half the time they waste on Facebook fights actually registering voters – maybe Republicans wouldn’t be at such a disadvantage in Clark County.” – Mark Ciavola

“I wish somebody would hire me to be the go-to guy for rules of procedure next time there is a (Clark County GOP) meeting. I would be completely fair and ethical in all rulings.” – Former District Court Judge and former Clark County GOP Chairman Richard Scotti

“I don’t understand much about politics…” – Blubber-blogger Jon Ralston, 1/2/20

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