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Return of the Schwartz Report!

If you’re unhappy with Gov. Baron von Sisolak, you can thank, in part, “Republican” Dan Schwartz.

I don’t know what it was, but when Schwartz was the State Treasurer and Adam Laxalt was the Attorney General, Laxalt did or said something that got Schwartz’s tighty-whities in a twist.

So Schwartz launched a doomed-to-fail gubernatorial campaign against Laxalt in the GOP primary.

He then proceeded to “soften up” Laxalt by attacking him on many of the same things the Democrats attacked him on, helping Sisolak get elected in the process.

Oh, and Schwartz got less than 10% of the GOP primary vote for his trouble.

Now he’s running in the GOP primary for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District for the right to take on Democrat Rep. Susie Lee in the general.

And true to form, he’s out there attacking his Republican opponent, “Big Dan” Rodimer using the same talking points the Dems are using, helping Susie Q keep her seat in the process.

But just in case some of you are still thinking of voting for “Little Dan” Schwartz in the primary on June 9, some things to consider…

Schwartz refuses to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  “Danger, Wil Robinson!”

Schwartz: “I support a 2-year period of national service for all Americans.”

Government-mandated indentured servitude?  Seriously?

Schwartz on mandatory pre-K education: “Let’s start teaching kids when they are most open to learning.”

Thanks, but no thanks.  Kids are better off with their parents during these formative years rather than shipping them out to government indoctrination centers.

Why is this guy running as a REPUBLICAN?

BTW, if you haven’t seen the new anti-Schwartz TV commercial that came out yesterday, go to:

More to come…


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