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Response to Gumby Republican Defenders

Some folks continue to complain about me pointing out that certain state senate Republican candidates continue to violate the GOP platform on the tax hike issue, saying getting a Republican majority is more important than, you know, sticking to principles, let me point out the following.

Republicans, not conservatives, won the majority in the House of Representatives in 1995. The GOP then proceeded to grow government and spend money at a rate that made Democrats blush. Indeed, it was the Republican majority’s penchant for “bridges to nowhere” that actually launched the tea party movement, not Barack Obama’s election.

Seriously. Under the Republican majority we got exploding deficits, exploding earmarks, the TSA, No Child Left Behind and the largest new entitlement program since LBJ: Medicare prescription drugs.

So tell me again why it’s so important to elect a Republican majority regardless of whether or not the Republicans elected are fiscal conservatives?

Want me to bring this a little closer to home? OK, let’s step into the Wayback Machine and dial up 2003, shall we?

Remember the 2003 legislative session? The session where the Legislature passed the Mother of All Tax Hikes; the largest tax increase in Nevada history? Guess which party was in the majority in the state senate that year?

Yep. Republicans.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the verdict is in. The evidence is crystal clear. It’s not enough to simply elect more Republicans. If you want truly limited government and lower taxes, you have to elect BETTER Republicans, as well.

So let it be written; so let it be done.

P.S. Later this week I’ll explain the RIGHT way to talk about one’s openness to tax hikes for those not committed sufficiently to opposing and voting against any and all efforts to increase taxes.


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