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Republicans Who Vote for Tax Hikes

The Sun’s David Schwartz inked a story today about a bill to extend taxes scheduled to sunset which has thus far largely flown under the radar screen – until, of course, Schwartz shined his light on it.

No, it’s not the $650 million worth of tax hikes passed in 2009 and scheduled to sunset next month. It’s a tax hike to build the third straw to suck water out of Lake Mead which was passed by voters back in 1998.

The bill to extend the sunset on the “straw tax” passed out of the Senate on April 22 at 6:03 pm without anyone noticing with exactly the three Republican votes needed to approve any tax hike thanks to the 2/3 super-majority requirement.

Two of the three GOP votes will be of no surprise to regular readers of Muth’s Truths: term-limited Sen. Dean Rhoads and RINO Sen. Joe Hardy. But the third vote is rather shocking: Senate Minority Leader Mike McGinness.



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