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Republicans Voting Badly; Another in a Series

AB 289 would establish new licensing requirements and impose a new Government Regulation Tax on dieticians and nutritionists, as well as create yet another useless state board overseeing dieticians.

This is nothing short of an effort to grow our nanny-state government, “creates a monopoly on nutrition services for dietitians over other nutrition professionals” and is part of a national scheme by the American Dietetic Association which is pushing similar legislation in 40 states.

Despite the fact that the bill is clearly a tax hike – “Requires Two-Thirds Majority Vote” is the very first line at the top of the bill – and was co-sponsored by five of the most liberal Democrats in the Legislature, AB 289 was passed out of the Assembly with eight embarrassing Republican votes: John Ellison, Pete Goicoechea, Tom Grady, Cresent Hardy, Pat Hickey, Kelly Kite, Pete Livermore and Mark Sherwood.

Tell me the difference between Democrats and Republicans again?


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