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Republicans to Introduce Alternative Billion Dollar Tax Hike to Sandoval’s Billion Dollar Tax Hike!

Alternative billion dollar tax hikeHappy Assembly Republicans greet Gov. Brian Sandoval just before presenting his Billion Dollar Tax Hike on Wednesday. Standing, Chris “Let’s Make a Deal” Edwards. Seated from left to right: Robin Titus, Vicki Dooling and Jim Wheeler. (Photo courtesy of some liberal blogger with a tax-subsidized TV show)


(Carson City) – Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R Partners) made his pitch for his Billion Dollar Tax Hike to the Legislature on Thursday afternoon.

But instead of legislative Republicans declaring it dead on arrival, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger-with-a-taxpayer-subsidized-TV-show, Jon Ralston, reports that a GOP alternative will be presented in the Republican-controlled state Assembly next Monday.

“Assembly Republicans have crafted a tax plan that is a hybrid of the business license fee component used by the governor and an expansion of the payroll tax plan sought by some business types, sources confirm.  The plan is expected to drop Monday, the deadline for committee bill introductions.”

Please ignore the fact that Mr. Ralston apparently doesn’t know how to spell “license” or “governor.”  The outrageous thing is that the Assembly GOP’s alternative plan “fully funds the governor’s budget.”

In other words, Nevada’s Republican governor is proposing a billion dollar tax hike – with no spending cuts in the budget – and the Republican majority in the state Senate is prepared to say “Amen!” while the Republican majority in the Assembly is prepared to say “Yes!” to a Billion Dollar Tax Hike, just not the same billion dollars in taxes that the governor wants to hike.

Meanwhile, it’s Democrats in the Legislature who are proposing to kill the asinine Modified Business Tax that taxes businesses for hiring employees.

Is this some kind of sick joke?

And let’s start being honest about this tax hike, shall we?

Almost half of SandRINOval’s tax hike will come from a new gross receipts tax that he’s calling a “Business License Fee.”

Which according to some Republicans isn’t really a tax hike because they’re calling it a “fee” and you can avoid the fee simply by, you know, not opening a business.

Yeah, that’s a GREAT economic development plan, huh?

Anyway, I had lunch with a friend today and let him know that his current annual business license fee of $200 would jump to over $11,000.  But he wasn’t worried and had no objection.

He said he’s just going to pass the expense on to consumers!

And believe you me, he ain’t the only one.

The fact of the matter is, businesses aren’t going to pay these higher taxes…er, excuse me…fees.

They’re gonna pass them on to you and me in the form of higher prices.

Or close up shop and put a lot of you out of work.

Our Republican-in-name-only governor is screwing YOU.

Republicans in the state Senate are screwing YOU.

Republicans in the state Assembly are screwing YOU.

Are you tired of constantly being screwed yet?

This is why it’s not enough to just elect more Republicans.

We need to elect BETTER ones, as well.

In the meantime, break out the pitchforks and light the torches!



“If they approve the new business tax, I’m closing my doors and letting my five employees go.  With all the employee taxes, insurances, my 300% increase in health ins premium, EPA, State Fire Marshal, DMV, etc., etc., and chiseling insurance companies, we are tapped out.  What is he (Sandoval) thinking?” –  Deb Bonetti, Last Chance Auto Body, Elko


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