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Republican Civil War: Nevada GOP Committeewoman Sues Nevada GOP Governor

(Chuck Muth) – Nevada Republican National Committeewoman Sigal “Hang ‘em From a Crane” Chattah issued a new fatwa in her ongoing jihad against Nevada Republican Gov. Joe “Don Veto” Lombardo yesterday.

She sued Lombardo, in his official capacity as governor, along with Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar, in U.S. District Court challenging the passage of and signing into law Senate Bill 406 (SB406).

Th bill “makes it a crime, punishable as a category E felony, for any person to use or threaten or attempt to use any force, intimidation, coercion, violence, restraint or undue influence with the intent to interfere with the performance of the duties of any elections official relating to an election…”

Who could argue with that?

SB406 specially does NOT limit observing the conduct of voting at a polling place, observing the conduct of tests, observing the handling of ballots, or observing the delivery, counting, handling, and processing of the ballots.

Who could argue with that?

The bill also defines “elections official” as the Secretary of State or any deputy or employee in the Elections Division, a registrar of voters, county clerk, city clerk or any deputy or employee in the local elections division, or an election board officer or counting board officer.

Who could argue with that?

Oh, and get this…

Section 5.6 of the bill also extends a prohibition on fundraising during legislative sessions beyond just the governor, lieutenant governor, and legislators.  It now includes the Secretary of State, the State Treasurer, the State Controller, and the Attorney General as well.

Who could argue with that?

Well, not a single elected member of the Nevada Legislature.

The bill passed unanimously, 42-0, in the State Assembly and unanimously, 21-0, in the State Senate.

That includes conservatives such as Sens. Jeff Stone and Ira Hansen, as well as Assembly members Jill Dickman, Danielle Gallant, Richard McArthur, Ken Gray and Rich DeLong.

So Chattah’s essentially suing every elected Republican legislator, as well.

While serving as the REPUBLICAN National Committeewoman.

In breaking the story and scooping (again) Jon Ralston’s blog, Megan Barth of the Nevada Globe quoted Chattah as saying that “critics will spin this as a personal attack on Governor Lombardo, nothing can be further from the truth.”

And if you believe that one…

But even if you buy into Chattah’s denial that her “Lombardo Derangement Syndrome” didn’t factor into her decision to bring this suit – it most assuredly did – the fact still remains that there are tons of other lawyers who could have filed this.

It didn’t have to be Chattah, especially since the suit seeks “an award of attorneys’ fees.”  If the suit actually has any merit, the lawyer bringing it stands to earn a pretty nifty payday.

The inescapable problem here is that the third-highest ranking official of the Nevada Republican Party has sued the Republican governor of the state in her “fatal attraction”-like obsession with Lombardo.

Somebody better hide the bunny rabbits in the back yard at the governor’s mansion.

If Chattah wants to pursue such “lawfare” – she loves that term – to earn a buck as a private citizen, that’s one thing.

But she’s the official Republican National Committeewoman who keeps kneecapping, at every opportunity, the sitting Republican governor who’s already surrounded by hostile Democrat forces in Carson City.

Clowns to the left of him; jokers to the right.

Worse, Chattah has become the “shadow” chairman of the Nevada GOP; abusing her official position to wage her one-mouth war to settle a personal grudge.

And the elected chairman of the party and members of the Central Committee are just standing by and letting her get away with it.  Not a peep of protest.

Well, since no GOP officials in Nevada appear willing to stand up to the Chattah-bator and tell her to knock it off, it’s time to bring her clown show to the attention of the Republican National Committee in DC.

Naturally, the RNC makes it extremely difficult for the average Republican voter to find contact information for Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on its website. Fortunately, you have me…

Phone: (202) 863-8500

To save you some time, here’s how to short-circuit the “Press 1” hell the RNC has set up. First “press 9” on the original menu selections, and then “press 7” to reach the chairwoman’s office.  Odds are against actually reaching a human being, but you can leave a voicemail.

And while it seems the Nevada GOP is impotent in muzzling the Chattah Box, here’s their contact information as well in case you want to try to stiffen some spines over there…

Phone: (702) 586-2000

In other Legal News…

Been one helluva week at the U.S. Supreme Court…

1.)  Race-based affirmative action in college admissions: Struck down.

2.)  Forcing business owners to design wedding websites for gay and transgendered couples: Struck down.

3.)  Biden’s $400 billion student loan bailout: Struck down.

Due credit to former President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for their success in shifting the Supreme Court back to common sense sanity through their SCOTUS appointments and confirmations.


“I will often take years to take my revenge, hiding in the tall grass, my stiletto at the ready, waiting patiently until you think I have forgotten or forgiven a past slight and then, when you least expect it, I will spring from the underbrush and plunge a dagger up under your ribcage.” – Roger Stone

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