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Repeal ObamaCare?

Not surprisingly, a number of weak-kneed Republicans are hoisting the white flag of surrender in the fight to repeal ObamaCare, but not Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who in a recent op-ed wrote the following…

“(M)any Beltway insiders claim that ObamaCare cannot be repealed because they wish to preserve the financial windfalls the law has brought them. But even many conservative ‘thinkers’ in Washington have given in to ObamaCare fatalism. They may not say so in public, but they fully believe that talk of the law’s repeal exists only in the land of unsophisticated rubes.

“The country that won two world wars and put a man on the moon cannot, it is believed, repeal a disastrous public policy. Says who? Why not?  The idea that ObamaCare cannot be repealed defies both logic and real world justification, on multiple levels.”

That’s what is called a fighter.  A fighter is not someone who paid lip-service and little pro bono legal assistance in an unsuccessful court challenge and then not only quit the fight, but joined the other side – like state Sen. Mark Hutchison (R-Personal Injury Lawyer) did last year.

The answer to the ObamaCare disaster isn’t to give up the fight, but to give up on those who have given up the fight.  That’s the reason for primaries!

On another front, ObamaCare’s increasing unpopularity is bad news for liberal Democrat candidate Erin Bilbray-Kohn here in Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.  I received the following Monday morning from Emily Davis of the Congressional Leadership Fund…

Erin Bilbray’s week is already off to a rough start with news of “mounting danger” for her in NV-03. New POLITICO polling of competitive districts, which included NV-03, shows an ominous political forecast for an Obamacare champion like Erin Bilbray. Here are a few top lines from the poll:

  1. Nearly 9 in 10 respondents say Obamacare is important in determining their vote, including 49% who cite the law as “very important.”
  2. Nearly half (48%) favor repealing Obamacare, while 35% support modifications and 16% support the law as is.
  3. Voters favor the Republican candidate over the Democratic candidate by 7 points, 41% to 34%.

Nevadans who are enduring Obamacare’s broken promises, higher costs and fewer choices know firsthand what Erin Bilbray refuses to accept: the law simply doesn’t work.

If you think it’s worthwhile to continue fighting to repeal ObamaCare, then neither Mark Hutchison nor Erin Bilbray-Kohn are your candidates.


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