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Reality Biting Nevada Liberals in the Butt

Liberals are getting the snot kicked out of them in the Nevada public policy debate these days; not that the media is pointing it out. Some examples…

Liberals have been telling us that lower taxes aren’t what companies are looking for in deciding where to open operations. Then Tesla comes into Nevada because of…lower taxes.

Liberals have been telling us that companies aren’t moving to Nevada because we’re not dumping enough money into education. Then Tesla comes to Nevada despite our awful schools.

Liberals say to fix those awful schools, we need to spend more money on them. Then we find out this week that not one of the fourteen “zoom” schools that got a whopping $39.4 million in EXTRA funding last year improved their academic performance rating.

In fact, four of them were downgraded!

Liberals say that smaller class sizes and a longer school year will fix education. But “zoom” schools restrict kindergarten class sizes to 21 students and the school year was extended by 17 days.

And despite the Legislature putting more money, not less, into education, 73 Clark County schools were downgraded in their rating for the last school year…and that’s using a rating scale that the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports is considered by some to be “too lenient.”

Indeed, you can earn the highest rating – 5 stars – with a score as low as 77 out of 100. And you can chalk up a “C” – 3 stars – with a score as low as 50 out of 100…which in the real world is considered total failure.

The reality is, the ONLY way to fix public education is to give parents vouchers so they can send their kids somewhere other than a public school.


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