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Raza-Hustler Furious over Losing Tequila Party

Fernando Romero, a local liberal Las Vegas raza-hustler, floated the idea of creating a new tea party-like movement/organization focusing on Hispanic issues in recent newspaper interviews. He also said there’d been talk among some Latinos of actually creating a new political third-party, the Tequila Party, to compete against Democrats and Republicans.

Alas, talk is cheap….and if you snooze, you lose.

On Wednesday, two former GOP officials and co-owners of a local Mexican restaurant, George Harris and Irma Aguirre, followed the path blazed earlier this year by the Tea Party of Nevada and officially registered the Tequila Party of Nevada with the Secretary of State….and ol’ Fernando is having a conniption over it.

“They stole my idea,” Romero whined to the EFE News Service, claiming to have been “analyzing the possibility of starting a political party for 11 years.” He added that “in the coming weeks he will weigh the possibility of filing suit against” Harris and Aguirre.

A lawsuit? How…um, American. Pretty lame-o, senor Romero.

Here’s a Channel 13 report on the new Tequila Party…


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