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Rat Heads in Coke Bottles Strike Again

SB 201 raises gas taxes in Washoe County even though the advisory question on this issue last November never once mentioned the word “taxes,” let alone that taxes would be raised. It passed in the Assembly on Friday 34-5, with seven Republican votes even though Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons has promised to veto the bill.

The “rat heads in Coke bottles” who voted with the majority Democrats were: Minority Leader Heidi Gansert, Assistant Minority Leader Lynn Stewart, Minority Whip Pete Goicoechea, Minority Whip Chad Christensen, Tom Grady, Joe Hardy and Melissa Woodbury.

When the GOP’s entire leadership team votes to raise taxes, you know it’s time to change the GOP’s entire leadership team. The conservative theme for the 2010 campaign cycle should be: “It’s not enough to elect more Republicans; we need to elect better ones as well.”

Let the primaries begin.


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