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Randy Kirner’s Hissy Fit

Hoo-wee! Is Assemblyman Randy Kirner steamed over me referring to his Kirner Tax as the Kirner Tax.

The Reno RINO huffed and puffed and crayoned a lame-o letter-to-the-editor which was published on Saturday by the Nevada Appeal where my column on the Kirner Tax explaining why the Kirner Tax is called the Kirner Tax appeared a week ago. If you missed it, go to

Here’s part of Kirner’s fine whine without the cheese…

“Honestly, when a legislator is representing his constituency by calling for a quintessential American democratic approach such as a vote of the people on taxes they would incur, how awkward to enter into name calling like ‘sheep-dip’ and ‘butt-covering’ unless there is another motive. As it turns out, there is. You see, I have an opponent in the Primary and he is supporting her. The more he attempts to discredit me, the more he advances his personal agenda, pure and simple.”

What a load of sheep-dip. The voters of Washoe County already voted on a similar tax hike recently and rejected it resoundingly. The people did not ask for this new Kirner Tax hike; school bureaucrats did. The Kirner Tax is before the county commissioners and *might* go to a vote of the people because that’s what Kirner, not “the people,” wanted.

Oh, and I’m not “supporting” Kirner’s primary opponent who also opposes the Kirner Tax. I’m supporting ANY conservative who will oppose Kirner and his Kirner Tax. My “personal agenda” is to elect more conservatives who won’t raise taxes and grow government the way Gumby Kirner has, especially with his Kirner Tax.

And look…if you decide to email Assemblyman Kirner to explain to him why you don’t support the Kirner Tax and why he should stop pimping for the Kirner Tax, PLEASE, WHATEVER YOU DO, don’t use the words “sheep-dip” or “butt-covering” – even though his arguments in favor of the Kirner Tax are full of sheep-dip and he’s now trying to cover his political butt.

Again please, if I give you Assemblyman Kirner’s email address, you gotta promise not to write him in opposition to the Kirner Tax, and if you DO write him about the Kirner Tax, please don’t call it the Kirner Tax or use the words “sheep-dip” and “butt-covering.”


OK, here’s his email address:


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