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Ralston’s Rules: July 31, 2013

Liberal blogger and political activist Jon Ralston is nothing if not hypocritical and predictable.

After demanding yesterday morning that his media colleagues stop giving Citizen Outreach credibility by writing about us, he broke his own rule just hours later and boosted our credibility by…writing about us!

Just as predicted. The man just can’t help himself.

A couple of Twitter posts, a rambling, disjointed blog post, followed by a Ralston Rants opening commentary on his television show – watched by several dozen all across the state, including an elderly woman and her cat in Tonopah – with additional criticism of our poll in the lieutenant governor’s race, laced with what he surely believed were hysterical chicken joke references that were nothing short of embarrassingly juvenile.

“Who among the potential lieutenant governor candidates on the Republican side has the most name recognition in Nevada?” Ralston droned in the show’s opening segment. “Former state-lawmaker-turned-city-councilman Bob Beers, state Sen. Mark Hutchison, or Sue Lowden who clucked…I mean, choked…when she ran against U.S. Sen. Harry Reid?”

“Clucked” instead of “choked”! Get it? I am ROTFLMFAO!!! This guy is a riot!

“But whether (the poll) was fair or…well, ‘fowl,’” Ralston continued, “Lowden says she’s still deciding whether or not to run. I doubt it.”

Get it? “Fowl” instead of “foul.” Move over Don Rickles!

Ah, how the mighty have fallen.


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