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Ralston’s Losing Battle Against Irrelevancy

RALSTON DISSES DAMON – In the ego-centric mind of Jon Ralston, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger, if he didn’t break it, it ain’t news.

So despite the fact that Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto did a recent interview with the Las Vegas Sun in which she specifically and directly took herself out of the governor’s race in 2014, Ralston went on Twitter to ridicule the paper for its “Pony Express status” since Ralston himself had once blogged about Masto’s 2014 plans three months ago.

But as Sun editor Anjeanette Damon pointed out in a response tweet, it was in the Sun interview that Masto confirmed that, no, she won’t run for governor next year, as she implied to Ralston three months ago. To which Ralston responded in typical Ralston snark:

“I’m just surprised it took you three months to confirm it.”

To which Damon pointed out that Ralston hadn’t confirmed it over that same three month period either. At which point Ralston dropped the exchange and ended with this final sarcastic shot:

“I will stop trying to taint your exclusive.”

What a jerk. But that’s not just my assessment. After Sun reporter Andrew Doughman noted that the entire Twitter exchange was posted on the paper’s website, Ralston himself lamented, “Oh God. More people get to see what a jerk I am.”

As if everyone doesn’t already know.

CARRYING R&R’S WATER – The potential candidacy of Sue Lowden for lieutenant governor is strongly opposed by the GOP establishment, which is today pretty much owned lock, stock and barrel by R&R Partners, owned and operated by Pete Ernaut and Billy Vissiliadis.

As such, when “the boys” want to take out a conservative candidate without their fingerprints on it, they tune up their handmaiden and Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger.

So it’ll come as no surprise that Ralston has been single-minded of purpose in attacking, criticizing and ridiculing Lowden, including this juvenile taunt in his blog on Friday:

“She has been given sustenance by third-tier conservatvie activists who think Hutchison is not right enough.”

Yes, the bozo spelled “conservative” incorrectly!

And as for Lowden’s supporters being “third-tier,” let’s just wait and see her endorsement list when it comes out if she gets in.

BUZZ OFF, LOSER! – The poor sap with the poor TV ratings is having a cow over the fact that Democrat congressional candidate Erin Bilbray won’t appear on his show.

Now, I think Bilbray ought to be doing a lot more public events and media interviews, but who can blame her for ducking a show watched by fewer people than you can fit in your average McDonalds?

Oh, and Bilbray isn’t alone. During the summer recess, Sen. Harry Reid did numerous radio, TV and newspaper interviews – including on KNPR and Nevada Week in Review with Mitch Fox – but not with Ralston.

And in the past couple of weeks, Sen. Dean Heller has made numerous media appearances – including a stint on Fox’s NWIR, as well as Sam Shad’s Nevada Newsmakers show (click here for Twitter photo in which Heller refers to NN as the “Silver State’s top public affairs show”) – but nothing with Ralston.

It seems Lord Ralston’s new-found and growing irrelevancy – especially now that no Nevada newspaper will run his columns – is recognized by everybody but…himself.

SPEAKING OF HELLER – Peeved and with his panties in a twist that Sen. Dean Heller won’t give Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger the time of day, Ralston went to Twitter in an effort to take the U.S. Senator to task over his position on ObamaCare as it relates to the possibility that his staff might be forced into an ObamaCare exchange.

“Recap: @SenDeanHeller hates Obamacare, would defund it, but if it’s law (ahem, it is), he’ll not opt out, or so it seems.”

But, ahem, the law hasn’t taken effect yet. Duh.

WE’RE FLATTERED – Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger (anybody noticing a new pattern here?) continues to embrace conservatives’ Taxpayer Protection Pledge strategy in trying to smoke out Democrat legislators who won’t take a firm position on the teachers union’s business tax initiative. From a Twitter post on Friday…

“NV Sens. @MManendo and @AaronDFordNV happily posting event pictures, but won’t respond on how they stand on biggest tax change in 30 yrs.”

As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I’m happy to see Jon embrace the same strategy of getting candidates and elected officials to take a firm stand on taxes the way we do with the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. I just can’t get over the rank hypocrisy of him ridiculing the Pledge while doing the exact same thing.

DETAILS, DETAILS – In his ongoing effort to ridicule the Republican Party, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger tweeted on Friday:

“The Nevada GOP’s federal PAC has $2,800 on hand, $3,700 in debt.”

Except, um, the Nevada GOP doesn’t HAVE a federal PAC.

What Jon is referring to is what’s known as a party’s federal ACCOUNT, as opposed to its NON-FEDERAL account. It’s quite complicated, but totally unimportant in this instance. The bottom line is that Jon got an important detail wrong.

Then again, Jon has never let facts get in the way of slamming Republicans.

TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE – Here’s another absurd Ralston tweet from today, posted after House Republicans successfully voted to defund ObamaCare:

“Great rant by @freddoso on GOP ‘strategy’ on Obamacare. Some great observations from a true conservative.”

First, Ralston wouldn’t know a true conservative if he ran over him on the way back to his motel from Adele’s.

Secondly, while I don’t know every conservative opinion leader in the country, I do have my ear pretty darned close to the ground…and I’ve never heard of this David Freddoso guy.

And lastly, I read Freddoso’s rant and…he’s wrong. True conservatives – led by the likes of the Heritage Foundation, Club for Growth and Americans for Tax Reform – support the House measure that was passed on Friday.

On the other hand, it appears that Freddoso has Karl Rove and Dick Morris on his side.

‘Nuff said.


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