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Ralston’s Fatwa on Citizen Outreach

The Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Ed Vogel has a story out this morning on Citizen Outreach’s poll in the GOP primary race for lieutenant governor. You can read it by clicking here.

I found the last two paragraphs in the story quite interesting…

“In this poll, supporters (of Sen. Mark Hutchison) were asked whether they would back Hutchison knowing that he voted for the driver authorization card bill and for continuing the taxes. More than 80 percent said no.

“Hutchison said he finds it interesting that ‘everyone thought I was conservative enough when I was fighting the health care legislation pro bono for the Republican governor. Now, suddenly I am not so conservative.’”

Of course, the reason for that is Sen. Hutchison sued to block ObamaCare before he was elected. But now he has an actual voting record on a whole host of issues other than ObamaCare. And from a conservative standpoint, it’s not so hot.

Liberal blogger Jon Ralston also wrote about the Citizen Outreach poll yesterday, threw a fit over it, trashed me and our CEO, Dan Burdish, and issued a fatwa to his media colleagues…

“Of course these folks have not accomplished anything substantive in, well, ever. But do people really listen to them? Or not see through this nonsense, obviously designed to show Hutchison is not well known, which is – well known. (I’d like to hear the “non-profit, nonpartisan purpose.) If an outreach occurs in a forest and no one’s there, does anyone care?

“Gentlemen, give it up. Please. (And the media should stop giving this group any credence.) (And, yes, I hesitated to write about this nonsense so as to not give it any oxygen. But I decided exposure was the better part of silence.)”

Well, there he goes again.

1.) That a liberal blogger declares that a conservative organization hasn’t “accomplished anything substantive” doesn’t mean jack. Frankly, we don’t gauge our success on Ralston’s approbation.

2.) The true significance in the poll results – which Ralston missed – weren’t the overall results which obviously favored the better-known candidates over the relatively unknown candidate (duh). No, it was the dramatic drop in support for Hutchison once self-identified Hutchison supporters were told about some of his votes.

Ralston might not like it because Ralston loves Republicans who raise taxes, but Hutchison has some problems on his hands if a credible conservative candidate jumps into that race in the primary.

3.) The “non-profit, non-partisan” purpose of the poll is the same one we’ve had for years. Every election cycle we’ve conducted surveys in races featuring conservative candidates facing moderate candidates and reported on the results to our conservative supporters and readers. Not Republicans; not Democrats; conservatives. In other words, non-partisan.

4.) Will Ralston’s media brethren abide by his fatwa that they no longer cover any of the activities or opinions of Chuck Muth, Dan Burdish and Citizen Outreach simply because Jon Ralston told them to? Doubtful. Now that he no longer has a column in an actual newspaper, Ralston’s influence over his media colleagues in Nevada has waned considerably.

5.) If there’s one thing consistent about Ralston, it’s his uncanny ability to say one thing and do another while applying his rules to everyone but himself. Like how he called for a media blackout of Citizen Outreach in a blog post in which he wrote about…Citizen Outreach. But in typical Ralston fashion, Ralston found a way to make Ralston the exception to Ralston’s rules.

And he was right back at it again later in the afternoon after Citizen Outreach released the names of the recipients of our 2013 Conservative of the Year Awards. Get this…

After the names of this year’s honorees were announced, Steve Sebelius, a columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal (yes, a real columnist for a real paper, not just a blogger like me…and Ralston) good-naturedly ribbed us in a tweet:

“Another year and I failed to win the Conservative of the Year award from @ChuckMuth’s Citizen Outreach. Really thought this was my year.”

Now that’s funny. Steve may be a self-described liberal, but at least he has a good sense of humor about him.

Anyway, others immediately re-tweeted Steve’s tweet and made comments about the award recipients. Which apparently really pissed Ralston off, because instead of honoring his own self-proclaimed boycott not to write anything about Citizen Outreach, he took to Twitter to vent his spleen once again…

“Love how folks are tweeting about Citizen Outreach’s “Conservative of the Year” award. @GLawNPRI is thoughtful guy, but don’t forget..(1/2) Citizen Outreach is same group that gave Elizabeth Halseth the same award after undistinguished session, then viciously turned on her. (2/2).”

Actually, at the time Halseth was presented the award she was, in fact, fully deserving of it. She was a conservative who challenged a RINO in a primary…and won. She went on to win in the general election despite the odds and registration numbers being heavily against her. And she chalked up a truly conservative voting record during her first term in the Legislature.

Where Halseth went wrong had nothing to do with her conservative record, so Ralston’s really grasping at straws to knock us on that one.

But he still wasn’t done. Yet another follow-up tweet…

“Citizen Outreach is a shell of a group. It’s a faux nonpartisan actor that shills for its favored folks. It should not be taken seriously.”

So proclaimeth King Jon!

A “shell group” of thousands of conservative supporters and donors that “shills” for its favored conservative candidates that no one should take seriously and write about…even though Ralston himself just can’t help but keep writing about?

It’s actually pretty funny. I mean, this poor guy has no self-control whatsoever.

The bottom line is this…

The very fact that the very liberal Jon Ralston hates us and can’t stop blogging and tweeting bad things about us – and if he still had a column, he’d be writing about us there, too – means we’re obviously doing something “right.”

That, in itself, is an “accomplishment.” Maybe even “substantive”!

Countdown to the next Ralston rant begins in 10…9…8…7…


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