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Ralston’s #2 Steps in Big Doo-Doo

(Chuck Muth)Elizabeth Crum-Thompson (“E!!”) is the editor of liberal blogger Jon Ralston’s Nevada Independent online news publication.

And in response to the murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German (pronounced “gur-man” not “jer-man”) and subsequent media coverage, the self-described “Chief Word Officer @ E Thompson Media” and “Free Thinker” wrote in the Indy’s newsletter this week…

“Is it just me or does anyone else think the lionizing of reporter Jeff German (has) been a bit much?  Yes, people generally hesitate to speak ill of the dead.  On the flip side, dying doesn’t make you an insta-hero – and by all candid accounts, Jeff definitely wasn’t one.  I’m of the opinion that we should tell the truth about people, dead or alive, for better or worse.  I’m silly like that.”

Hoo-boy.  Stupid is more like it.

I have no doubt Crum-Thompson believes what she wrote.  But as a human being, there is, on occasion, virtue to the unspoken word.  Or as the saying goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.

Especially when it comes to someone who was murdered.

I’ll say this about Mr. German…

He and I definitely came from opposite sides of the philosophical aisle.  But as I wrote in my Psephology Today campaign training newsletter, “over many, many years, he always treated me professionally and reported on what I’d said or done objectively and fairly.”

You can’t ask for much more from a reporter.

Anyway, Crum-Thompson’s asininity was greeted with much-deserved outrage and blowback. Las Vegas Review-Journal editor Glenn Cook wrote…

“This ruthless, cowardly @TheNVIndy newsletter item comes from @elizthompsn, who never worked with @reviewjournal investigative reporter Jeff German and didn’t care to provide source material that backs up her bogus claims about a great reporter.

“To correct the record: Jeff was viciously murdered, according to prosecutors, by a politician he fearlessly exposed as a bully. He’s a hero to journalists everywhere — especially those lucky enough to call him a friend and colleague.”

Added RJ reporter Michael Scott Davidson

“Unbelievably callous take from @TheNVIndy editor @elizthompsn about slain journalist Jeff German. This somehow made it in their newsletter.  Jeff isn’t an ‘insta-hero.’ He spent decades in the trenches building a legacy of dogged reporting. That’s why people respect him.”

Responded RJ reporter Colton Lochhead

“Truly abhorrent that a Nevada news editor would take such a heartless and baseless pot shot at Jeff – and in a newsletter to their readers, no less. And for what?”

Chimed in RJ reporter Jessica Hill

“Everyone’s entitled to their opinions, but you don’t have to publish every thought you have, especially if it could hurt people who are grieving.”

Attorney Maggie McLetchie, who has successfully represented the RJ in court on numerous public records lawsuits, wrote in a series of tweets…

“She’s apparently one of those obnoxious people who thinks being a ‘free thinker’ means saying senseless things to get attention. … (I)n trying to be contrary about Jeff she revealed her own lack of substance. … She can of course say whatever she wants. But people can also call her out for her idiocy.”

Now, you might be saying to yourself, “Yeah, but they all worked with Mr. German, so naturally they came to his defense.”  But get this…

Yesterday, the “assistant editors and newsroom staff” at the Indy – all of whom work for Crum-Thompson – released a blistering statement condemning her callous stupidity…

“Earlier this week, the Nevada Independent’s editor, Elizabeth Thompson, published insensitive comments in our daily newsletter about the death of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German.  We are saddened and embarrassed by the words. …

“Words matter, and we know the comments were trivializing to other media members grieving the death of a colleague, friend and mentor.  As a staff, we want to apologize for the hurt it caused.”

Now, you’d expect Ralston, the Indy’s CEO, to second that emotion.  And you’d be wrong.  Instead, he twit-tweeted…

“This is an unfortunate situation. … Having said that, @elizthompsn is a tremendous leader of @TheNVIndy newsroom. She is a good, caring person who made a mistake. … We support her but we also understand why people are upset. Onward!”

Yes, “unfortunate.”  Let’s sweep it under the carpet.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

Then again, what else can he do?  This “tremendous leader” controls the 501(c)(3) organization that funds the Indy.  Even if he wanted to throw her under the bus, he can’t.  She’s got him by the short hairs.

And it’s obvious.  When @EllenLV responded thusly to Ralston on Twitter…

“That was a shitty thing to post.  What good did it serve?  It showed her to be a small person.  Shame on her.”

Ralston summarily dismissed the criticism…

“Well, Ellen. I guess you are a perfect person.  Congrats. And goodbye.”

As expected, Crum-Thompson issued a lame, rather insincere, and combative mea culpa this morning.  She wrote of her “regret”…

“I did not foresee that members of our newsroom would feel embarrassed or think my opinion on the matter could be a problem for our brand and/or was in conflict with our mission. … I realize as editor I am in some ways the face of the organization, but it’s my view that my personal opinion is just that: my opinion.”

To which Rhonda Johnson replied…

“This isn’t even an apology; it’s like you were forced to address what was said to save face to your colleagues. I see zero remorse from u.”

Added Martin Kuz

“Did someone order a tone-deaf non-apology apology? Your condescension is matched only by your cluelessness.”

Indeed, Crum-Thompson just doesn’t get it.  The outrage isn’t about her “opinion.”  It’s about the stupidity of sharing it under the circumstances as “the face of the organization” and embarrassing its professional staff.

Said professional staff has always been tainted by Ralston’s blatant liberal bias and general jackassery.  He’s the reason so many GOP candidates refuse to talk to them or even respond to their interview requests.

But they’ve soldiered on.

However, how they can continue to do so under this permanent, self-inflicted blemish of Crum-Thompson is another thing altogether.  Their professional careers in journalism will now always bear the scarlet letter of “E!!” if she’s not canned or they don’t resign.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for either.

And I wonder how donors and these sponsors of an upcoming Indy event feel about Crum-Thompson’s plunge into deep doo-doo?

The stain’s on all of them.


“I won this election. … I will be governor of Nevada. … I was leading…then the algorithm kicked in and they stole the election from us. … They say I lost by 26,000 votes. It’s impossible.” – Unsuccessful GOP gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert

“(I)t’s worth mentioning that (Joe) Lombardo did NOT do this.  He’s not out there stuffing ballots or writing code…” – Robert Beadles, who reportedly funded the recount and subsequent lawsuit on behalf of Joey Gilbert contesting the GOP primary for governor in June

“A Carson City District Court judge granted Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s motion for sanctions against Reno attorney Joey Gilbert Wednesday, following the dismissal of Gilbert’s election contest lawsuit last month.  District Judge James Wilson awarded Lombardo nearly $88,000 in costs after finding Gilbert’s lawsuit…was ‘a frivolous action that warrants sanctions,’ according to the judge’s order.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/23/22

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