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Ralston Rants Returning to the Little Screen?

Jon Ralston, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger-without-a-TV-show…because on network television where ratings matter, he couldn’t cut it once private subsidizer Jim Rogers of the Las Vegas NBC affiliate passed away…has been warning people that he’ll soon be back on TV.

Indeed, his Twitter bio threatens just that:

“Political journalist w/column in @rgj, email newsletter and site – . Politico Mag contributing editor. On TV soon.”

So where does a liberal bully go to whine and kvetch on the tube where ratings and viewership won’t matter?

Taxpayer-funded PUBLIC BROADCASTING, of course!

Indeed, word on the street is that Ralston will soon get a new, little-watched show on PBS.  Speculation is that an official announcement could come as early as this week.

Ralston has reportedly been busy trying to find corporate sponsors to make a two-year commitment to underwrite an estimated $500,000 for a twice-a-day liberal propaganda program that almost no one in the state will watch except that little old lady with the cat and canary living out in Moapa and a couple of meth-heads in Henderson.

Speculation is that MGM and NV Energy will be two of the primary sponsors.

So we’re “underfunding education,” but we can afford to air liberal Ralston’s Rants on taxpayer-subsidized TV?

Will there be equal time?  How about a conservative version starring Wayne Allen Root?

And will Ralston have to disclose all his donors once he inevitably sinks into “express advocacy” on the non-profit, not commercial, airwaves?

Inquiring minds wanna know.


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