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Race Hustlin’ at the Little League World Series

I have to admit, I didn’t pay any attention to this year’s Little League World Series until the Las Vegas team made it to the championship game yesterday afternoon.

I tried to find it on my iPhone while sitting on the beach here in San Diego without luck.  So I did the next best thing: I found the Little League World Series twitter feed and just kept refreshing it to get scores and updates.

Which got my blood boiling!

Tweet after tweet after tweet kept coming in from people rooting for the Chicago team.  Why?  Not because they were from Chicago.  But because every kid on the team was black!

That’s right.  The liberal race hustlers in America even ruined a little league baseball game by making it a black/white issue.  Sickening and shameful.

So here’s my question…

If it was okay to root for the Chicago team simply because every kid on the team was black, does that mean it was okay to root AGAINST the Chicago team simply because every kid on the team was black?

What?  If you did that you’d be a racist?  Really?  You mean there’s a double standard on race in this country?  Who knew?

And since I’m on a shameful kick this morning…


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